Battle of Buariki: Opening Moves

Welcome back to our play through of a scenario from an upcoming game in the Lock ‘n Load lineup. Here is a shot so that you can pick up right where we left off. Both sides have deployed and we’re ready for the start of the scenario. I should note that I mistakenly did not account for marshes as degrading terrain for these first few moves.

Deployment from our previous installment.

Note: All components seen are playtest material, and have been poorly constructed and put together by yours truly, so they do not represent what the final game will look like.

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Into the Breach – scenario AAR – The Flood p3/3

Turn 6

Another long turn benefits the Soviets as they advance with all forces. The Chaos chit awards Field Repairs to Ghost Troop thus flipping an Abrams to full strength.

The 65th Tank starts out by calling in artillery on the Ghost Troop Abrams positions disrupting both units. They then skirt around to the right heading for the bridge at Hoogven.

The 68th activates next launching devastating assaults against Ghost Troop destroying its HQ and tanks.(the previous disruptions meant no op fire from the tanks as the assault went in) Some TOWs from Bradleys hit their mark against the advancing BMPs but there are simply too many up close. Outrider also throws in it’s firepower inflicting losses, but the 68th still has a lot of strength left to counter. Echo Company joins the fray entering the map at Boekel. An A-10 sorties over the battlefield but is shot down by the Tunguskas as they target fully loaded BMPs by Grande.

Finally, the 68th also gets the DF chit and advances through Grande. BMPs attempt to bum rush the Abrams in Granderheide which results in just a mutual disruption. Artillery is also called down across Outrider positions disrupting their mortars as well as the hilltop ITVs. This suppresses American op fire and allows unhindered advances into the open.

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Into the Breach – scenario AAR – The Flood [p1/3

Into the Breach – scenario AAR – The Flood

Here is an AAR from the upcoming World at War: Into the Breach from LNL. (due out in March 2012)

Please note that all components seen here are playtest components. 

The scenario is titled The Flood.

Date: May 14, 1985.

Scenario Description: In many places along the front, the speed of the Soviet advance surprised NATO forces; pushing back the cavalry screens and hitting defense plan positions before all defenders were in place.

There are four map sections, and the scenario is twelve turns long with one Chaos chit and two end of turn markers.

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