Air & Armor

Turn by Turn Shots.

Turn 1

Soviets open the war with bombing of facilities. 6x Su-17 run on the US arty, knocking out 2 steps.
4x SU-24’s attack units in Hoffheim. Destroying the Cav.
4x Su-25s pop a disrupted and knck off two steps in units in Hambach.



Entry by Soviet Division focusses on the German Sector



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First Contact and a Kiss Goodbye-WaW [1] for each

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Blood&Bridges – A Kiss Goodbye [1]

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Patrol! Turns 1-5


Yes folks. Man on Man combat kicks off in a new Play by Poll Series.

Get caught up on the background HERE, those watching know Bundeswehr have 2 Fireteams of men, which we will break down as needed, facing an unknown enemy, but likely 9-12 Soviet forces. Our Mission is to Patrol the 6 maps, at half movement rate until contact. Then exit only after one side controls the map or has eliminated the bad guys.

Random entry had Soviets entering Turn 1 Bundeswehr Turn 4. Two turns have passed with no visual contact. We just ended Team Bund. 2nd movement.

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