The Battle of Tispasa 213 B.C.

Part of the series of conflicts of the 2nd Punic War.  A little know battle in the desert with King Syphax in the lead fighting with Rome. I am publishing this out of order to seek some further comments about this.  Its one of the most viewed videos I have made using SPQR yet fails to really let you see the entire battle. Is it the close ups, the unfamiliarity of the conflict..what is good about this movie AAR?

Tagus River part 2 <narrative>

We pick up play early in the next round.
(see… for part I)
Hasdrubal realizes he is in danger of being overrun. He rallies his men to attack the mob in front of them. Skillfully his men attack in waves, MI first weakening the Rebel MI’s, and where possible hit and run attacks with Light Infantry. Then as the MI, accumulate Cohesion Hits they withdraw and the LI’s step I to do combat benefiting from the damage inflicted by the heavier troops. The Phalanx finally succumbs after 5 separate combats, leaving an opening for the Rebel Cav lurking behind the infantry line.

Marhabal the RW wing commander of the Cav and EL (previously I had said it was HasdrubalQM but he leads the LW), deftly brings his Elephants to bear, those and the hit and run tactics of the Numidians is holding up and wearing away the Vaccaei flank.

This image shows the MI/LI attack mid RW, that hold off the Tribes

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Issus using Arrians positioning.

The opening situation.

Macedonian first move is to secure the left flank by pushing up Parmenions team of HC & LC.
Alex Seizes and advances the Light troops in the center to clear out the Skirmishers.

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