Summer Lightning p8

Turn 4 (7-8 September 1939)

Main events of Turn 4:

Area 1& Area 2: German Infantry divisions had being eliminated cut-off Polish units.

Area 3: Wermacht using mobile formations has cut-off evacuate way to Wilno.

Area 4: Warszawa has been recaptured! Polish flags over here again!

Area 5: German captured Lublin city.

Area 6: German forces arrived in this area from north to help own units. But Army “Krakow” had provided successful attacks and eliminated some German divisions.

Dead Pile of entire session.

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Summer Lightning p7

TURN 3 (5-6 September)

Main Events:

Area 1. German Infantry continued to eliminated cut-off Polish units.

Area 2. Panzer, motorized, infantry divisions crossed the river and pushed Poles out to Bialystok.

Area 3. After tough defence Warszawa had fallen.

Area 4. German advanced to Warszawa from south.

Area 5 Army “Krakow” had made powerful counterattack towards Krakow and destroyed some German divisions.

Dead pile of Turn 3

End of Turn 3