POLL #1 French Forces Austerlitz

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Please refer to this link or the map below for formation locations etc.


5th Corps: attack up the Olmutz road.

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Guard 5 Reserve

1Corps : attacks 4th Corps later in the day, as they fought the Russian Imperial Guard

C Corps Support 5th Corps.

4th Corps Take Pratzen Hill

3-4 Division hold Telnitz- Pheasant Guard zone.

3rd  Corp reinforce support 3-4.

POLL # 1-1 Allied Forces Austerlitz

The Allies face some choices. Clearly the plan did not work, or failed for some other reason, related to politics, command capabilities and bone headedness..

The troubles were obvious, the French plan ingenious and as we have read ingeniously played. Right down to the visits from Russian Officers asking for surrender.

What to do. All the polls are open to change and to new suggestions. Which I will add, Otherwise we play historically.

If you have an alternate plan vote other and leave a comment at the END of the post. That way every one can see it and I receive notifications, so I can clarify intent.

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Please see image below for unit locations at start and geography.

This link takes you to some background : http://wp.me/p1yz7I-75VAt8

This link takes you to voting on French Forces: http://meshtime.com/2012/07/05/poll1-fr-austerlitz/

Left Wing:

A-GL & 1st Column capture Telnitz

2nd Column  Capture Sokolnitz

3rd Column advance and capture Pheasant Garden

Right Wing

Regiment Advance Guard capture Stanton redoubt.

Cav to move across the Pratzen Heights to defend Blaswitz

Russian Imperial Guard Reserve

Center Wing 

Pollster Play of Austerlitz! The Details


Europe had been in turmoil since the start of the French Revolutionary Wars in 1792. In 1797, after five years of war, the French Republic subdued the First Coalition. A Second Coalition was formed in 1798, but by 1801, this too was defeated, leaving Britain the only opponent of the new French Consulate. In March 1802, France and Britain agreed to end hostilities under theTreaty of Amiens. For the first time in ten years, all of Europe was at peace. However, many problems persisted between the two sides, making implementation of the treaty increasingly difficult. The British government resented having to turn over most of the colonial conquests it had made since 1793. Napoleon was angry that British troops had not evacuated the island of Malta.[4] The tense situation only worsened when Napoleon sent an expeditionary force to crush the Haitian Revolution.[5] In May 1803, Britain declared war on France.

Thus we enter the 3rd Coalitions war after the battle of Ulm at Austerlitz in 1805. You have an opportunity to be Napoleon or the ill fated Allied joint command. Here is what I am thinking in 4 minutes or less:

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Allies or French. You will be able to play either side!

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Play by Poll Genesis, Imagine…..its 1805.

I was doing some reading…eating a Pie when!


This is the result:

Napoleon surveyed the fog.

His officers had a brilliant plan. He had after all designed it.

Executing in this fog would be fraught with potential danger and errors. But that was nothing compared to the damage he would wreck upon the impudent Russian and and Austrian forces. With visibility limited to 150 yards his men could achieve their goal of splitting and crushing enemy armies piecemeal.

He smiled as the mist swirled around his feet. Above him in Santon Rebdoubt he could hear the echoes of voices, as final munitions were being loaded for distribution to the men on Olmutz road. His men in the feld had a surprise for the Russians.


Thus began the 2nd battle of the  war of the 3rd Coalition which had proven to be another opportunity for Napoleon to turn the tables on his adversaries.

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Austerlitz orders and report French part 2

Le prince Murat s’ébranle avec sa cavalerie. La gauche, comemandée par le maréchal Lannes, marche en échelons par régiment, comme à l’exercice. Une canonnade épouvantable s’engage sur toute la ligne. Deux cents pièces de canon et près de 200,000 hommes faisaient un bruit affreux. C’était un véritable combat de géants. Il n’y avait pas une heure que l’on se battait, et toute la gauche de l’ennemi était coupée. Sa droite se trouvait déjà arrivée à Austerlitz, quartier général des deux empereurs, qui durent faire marcher sure le-champ la garde de l’empereur de Russie pour tàcher de rétablir la communication du centre avec la gauche. Un bataillon du 4e de ligne fut chargé par la garde impériale russe à cheval, et culbuté; mais l’Empereur n’était pas loin; il s’aperçut de ce mouvement, il ordonna au maréchal Bessières de se porter au secours de sa droite avec ses invincibles, et bientôt les deux gardes furent aux mains. Le succès ne pouvait être douteux: dans un moment la garde russe fut en déroute ; colonel, artillerie , étendards, tout fut enlevé. Le régiment du grand-due Constantin fut écrasé; lui-même ne dut son salut qu’à la vitesse de son cheval.

Prince Murat with his cavalry moves off. The left commanded by Marshal Lannes, walking steps per regiment, as in the exercise. A terrible cannonade undertakes all the way. Two hundred guns and about 200,000 men were making a terrible noise.

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