Civil War begins in Texas! August 11th.

Along the Nueces River in Texas
August 11, 1862

Reports have slowly filtered in today of a most awful engagement along the banks of the Nueces River outside of Bracketville, Texas. According to sources, on August 1, 1862, a band of about 65 “Unionists”, mostly German settlers loyal to the United States, having emigrated to the Texas Hill Country in the mid-1800’s, began a journey to cross the Rio Grande River into Mexico to avoid conscription into the Confederate States army. Civilians all, the men believed they would soon be captured and impressed into Confederate service under the Confederate Conscription Act if they stayed, and thus began a difficult journey of several hundred miles across brush and desert. The Unionists apparently were led to believe that if they foreswore conflict, and simply left Texas, they could travel in peace. Capt. John Sansom travelled as a guest of the Unionists, and having escaped, his is one of the few accounts of the “battle.”

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Last Chance for Victory

Last Chance for Victory. A re imagining of Gettysburg built on the new Line of Battle Rules.

Now could you go and buy This Hallowed Ground and use the LOB rules? Sure could!

This game however has a more extensive terrain reviews, extra maps, 2204 counters (50% information counters…YIKES).  The kicker – 22 Scenarios. Some so small, well look for yourself:


The neat thing is when this goes on Pre Order july 1st, you can order and have your time stamp record and noted against a specific event in the battle! The battle began 0830 EDT (0730 ACW time) on July 1st, 24 hours from now.

It would have been cool if they thought to collect the time stamps and stamp each buyers box on the inside with the Time Stamp and event ….that might be too complex.

Gettysburg and the American Pysche

Nathan Wise who is a fellow Aussie (with a real aussie accent) and I met about a year ago to play via email Stalingrad Pocket II. After crushing me in 2 turns we never played again….Sigh. I suck. BUT we hold chats and a common interest in MMP and in particular The Gamers titles.

Right now however he is experiencing the learning hurdles with 3 Days of Gettysburg. Since I cannot clear room for a ACW title at the moment but I do want to honor this day in regards to its 150th Anniversary;

He made an interesting video and has posted detailed After Action reports on this momentous battle in American history.

Why then does it not register on the American radar of things historical? I am genuinely puzzled by this and do not have answers. So this is not a post to poke or prod. But a post to ask American readers what is the significance of Gettysburg to you? Second, why is it that the general populace pays this battle, the Gettysburg address and the ramifications no or little heed?