C.V Play by Poll

So the effort to reconstitute the CV game after the cleaner debacle was too onerous. I think tho with a fresh look at this later this year we can pick up the pieces.

Japanese ACTUAL positions 0500

Now. with that in mind I DO want to play in a Play by Poll mode.

So I am thinking seriously about starting a game of something that would engage the players and be easy to model for both sides.

….Screech WAIT… What? You do not know what PbP is? -Real quickly it is where I adopt the role of Umpire and opponent to you! I manage the rules, the die rolling and the admin. you come up with cool strategies to best me along with your fellow voters. I will prompt you for decisions at certain points. You decides the overall strategy, and are welcome to get as granular as you like.

I try to make your decisions and choices ones that are in context of the game, and possible given the rules. You do not need to worry about the specifics of the rules, as I will guide us thru that to allow a “informed strategy” to work!

For instance a game that brings military doctrine to the fore would allow me as the Soviet player for example to use a rigid structure and the PbP players engage in voting how to fight and where to fight with the NATO force for example.

Games that come to mind:

NATO Division Commander

2013-07-30 13.27.11

Some nice command and control aspects here and a SPI orientated look at the ‘next war’

This game drove a lot of the design features of its bigger brother NEXT WAR, the monster from SPI that came later.

2013-07-30 13.27.17

Or smaller scale Patrol! /Raid! 2013-07-30 13.30.17

This is man on man combat, with plot movement pads and lots of tension. I’ve played both with all units exposed and all units off map. Fun stuff.

2013-07-30 13.30.36

Or even Silver Bayonet, which has a hidden movement mechanic for the Viet Cong.

If you desire to participate in a Play by Poll game drop a comment and a like, so I can gauge interest.

0500 End Air Phase [PbP, CV]

CV Play by Poll Intel ..consequences… Your choice to ignore movement potential of Akagi and co, now means your search pattern MAY be compromised IF the IJN chose the Historical entry area (top left of image ).. Houston you got a problem.

Your previous Poll votes suggested to continue the search. Now that you realize ships could indeed be behind you, what is the plan?

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PbP of CV 2300 HR, Plan and Update

We are at a stage where the Catalinas and possibly other aircraft are able to get airborne to be on target to search for enemy ships at Dawn on the 4th of June.

So some choices to be made.

1. The North of the Board still requires exploring as new enemy ships could have entered there at 1500 or there abouts.
2. You still have the issue of tracking trailing ‘re-locating’ the Enemy ships in the Southern sectors of the maps.
3. A new Taskforce has been spotted in the same area. You do not know if it is a splinter group.


Please ping here with some comments and thoughts.

Barring comments to the contrary, I shall:

1. Launch Cats prior to Dawn to be on station at or near 0400 mark to track enemy shipping.
2. Launch to be on station to to find new enemy ships that may have entered the board after 1500.
3. Shadow at range the know craft