Iron Tide Conclusion



Then a quick count of losses shows the players that the BEF forces are free to roam the Meuse now that 65 units have been lost.  This means avoiding the Muese release trigger is mute.  The Germans decide to push hard on Liege to try and gain exit VP’s or capture Liege. The GrossDeutschland and Lehr Divisions are transferred to the Northern command. A some what battered Infantry division is sent South to support the expected counter attack around Bastogne in exchange.


Combat by Pattons forces is forced at poor odds do to shifts and odds. Several attack are conducted on 1-1, and 1-2 odds, inflicting heavy losses upon the Allies in the South. In the North the Allies hold the line and force back offenses from the German SS. Lines are drawn across the river and neither side has the force to push a crossing. Further SE the line is steady also.  With the German side earning an auto shift on VC’s for units killed the  US realises it not only cannot win, but would likely at best give up more than a minor victory. The Germans can fold back to or past Bastogne and still earn a solid win.


No conclusions on this one. We all enjoyed it. It is a game I would gladly play again. It would also be suitable for up to 4 players, we had 3.


Iron Tide 14, 15

The US armor arrives! The Germans rally South and reinforce defenses. In the Center the Germans pull back a little to offer a counter attack force for the South. While LEhr and GD support continued attacks by all available SS divisions. Every Battalion of Tigers and Panzers are headed to the center to try once again to crack towards the Meuse.



In a surprise turn of events on Turn 15 the SS is first slowed then repulsed. Patton in the South marshals his forces and attempts to Flank West. Strategic movement is now limited to night turns and air superiority falls clearly to the Allies. The Germans are winding down the offensive.


Iron Tide 11 and 12


Finally in the North solid gains are made. The rapid strategic movement of several units South once bridges are repaired provides a means to catch the US flat footed. A desperate attack and counter attack ensues East of Liege heavy losses on both sides are inflicted.

In the South the momentum has petered out of the German panzers. Who now switch to defense.

In the center German divisions grind forward, pushing the Allies further back by the end of turn 12. The SS bounds towards the final River obstacle before the Meuse River is approachable.


Iron Tide Turn 9 and 10

Now both the South and the Northern force commanders are on a groove and the Allies reel. The constant supply of units however forces gains to be limited and no major break outs occur. In the South the Axis begin to dig in and prepare for 2-3 Divisions of Pattons finest to come roaring into the flank.

Nth and Sth, squeeze the Allies out of the middle and gain some precious extra VP locations. The push for Liege in the North is stop and go, as fresh divisions of tough A rated Allies pound the daylights out of the Germans. Bridge blowing is done cautiously by the Allies, perhaps a little too so. Always seeking to keep a bridge or two here and there in tact for the eventual counter attack costs the Allies dearly.

The 101st and 82nd take a beating but manage to hold gains by the aggressive Southern command of the Germans. In the North, the endles stream on fresh troops slows down the German advance. A final pocket of Allies is being forced out to allows some final gains prior to the North thinking of settling down.


Iron Tide Turn 4 , 6 and 7

A poorly formatted Turn  4 overview shot!


Bastogne falls Turn 5, un contested, the Allies have thrown a lot of Arty and Engineers into the fray to speed bump the Southern Advance, all to no avail.

German commandos only divert 2 tank Bns, but the threat of diversion is almost as good! Things got a little stressful and pictures were neglected as the Northern wing of the German forces struggled to make head way and come to terms with how combat worked efficiently.

The Iron Tide was an Iron Pool, as Tanks swarmed to get into position, and arty had a hard time keeping its fire within in range despite slow going. The Allies had just enough forces to hold the Germans, then they US decided to  attempt a rescue of their forces who were entrenched next to the westwall.  This cost the Allies dearly to the tune of over an entire Division. Once those forces were isolated, their force was blunted and German tanks and arty could move up the road toward Liege.