Leros, Island getaway _ [p2]

Continuing the thoughts and discussion regarding Leros and the considerations for a campaign session;

Special Rules/Variants: For those that may have played the campaign, which special rules if any were you using?

Was Free Setup always chosen for the Brits?

Why is it a given that Germans can change landing zones at will versus where they historically landed, yet the Brits are assumed to have fixed positioning, and need to “convince” the Axis player to allow free setup? Maybe I read too much into the setup instructions there? Does this choice invoke massive imbalance, partial imbalance, no imbalance? How did you address any imbalances?

What happens in game play under some of the various options? I seek your input to maximize the value/entertainment of the game play thru.

It seems the historical setup for the Brits would require you to do a lot of Op Sheet manipulation to get troops to where they are more effective or maybe more effective for covering the Piers and defending the cluster of VP locations on Map B. So the Optional free setup is a must.  We will however restrict the allocation of units to roughly geographically accurate areas.

Did most people use the 4.4 and 4.5 (Italians and Greeks)?  I think I shall.

The alternate scenario start time for the Germans is appealing as well which would negate VC shifts against the British for pulling in some of the variants.

Has anyone used the earlier start time, landed just the Paras/Luft to take out guns, then waited until daylight for landing parties? I don’t see any prohibition against landing at night?

Victory Condition experiences…what are yours?:

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What Really Happened at Luchessa Valley 1100-1240 p3/3 Nov. 30th [Narrative AAR GD’42]

Goncharova Area

Hoerhein looked at the  recon from teh spotter plane. It was hard to see much, but what he saw was heartening.  They had broken the offensive.  Now was the time to strike. He spoke with Balck. Who was incredulous.” No! Strike with what?” He roared.  “I already let you sent one vlauable company to Travino. Thats enough.  We ahve nothing supporting Vasil’stova and nothing able to reach it if they attack in strength.” Continue to pound them out of existance with artillery.  ” No! I dont care if yo use days worth of ammunition. Kill anything you can see.” Balck slammed the phone down.  Hmm, the pressure must be getting to the old Iceberg!

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What Really Happened at Luchessa Valley 1100-1240 30th Nov. p2 [AAR Narrative]

Balirevs men fought on. Barely 30 Germans were left, yet still they fought. More of his men died in a unknown wood near a village he would never see again.

They had suppressed his last full strength platoon and mg section and destroyed tanks and AT guns. Oily black smoke stained the snow and obscured visibility in the trees.  Their mortar fire keep him from closing.

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GD’42 Continuation Conversations

Lets get to the meat. Clearly the Soviets played their hand poorly. Took too many losses too early. Rushed objectives. Go caught in the open in Arty too often.

Their forces stand broken.

The Question now is do we carry on or do we reset or do something else?

Tell me   where you think the Russkies are at and lets see if we agree.

With 4 more Battalions coming in the next 24 hours there is a slim chance to eek out a minor victory or at least avoid a major German victory. On the 2nd 1 more Battalion and the 114th Rifle arrive, which might be too little too late type of thing.

The situation aint pretty.  All the Battalions are broken that are in play except the 49th.  Its not a good deal.  I need to consider play fun, versus desire to ‘complete’. The Germans are on a thin edge, and if the Russians had more units I think that they would take Travino and Vasil’stova in a heart beat…well a few hours.

Vasil’stova is weakened, and there is not enough strength on the German side to attack in depth ….yet.  If I battalion absorbs the 49th, well it really is game over for the Soviets.

The Soviets control 4 VP’s historcally at this time they had  6 vps which is close, but 15 by the same time tomorrow.

The scale or depth of VP acquisition accelerates as the game progresses. Require more losses….yikes.

Is there hope for the Soviets?  If so where and how?  what would you do as the Soviet Commander?  Vote in the poll and voice your opinion.

What Really Happened at Luchessa Valley 1100-1240 30th Nov. p1 [AAR Narrative]

The men were keen to be under way, they did not know the situation in full, but they knew that snow provided cover. Cover meant survival.  The narrow snowy trail was a mess however.

1-49 and Guards head down the snowy trail towards Smolkovo

1-49, the 40th Guards Motorised and a host of AT guns were being pushed, drug, dug and man handled along the trail. The quiet of the morning in Noviki had given rise to curses in 10 dialects from across the plains of Russia.  The Germans may not be able to see the Russians but they could hear them.  Elements of 3-16 inched thru the trees and snow slowly headed south. Their mission was simple, keep the retreating forces from Goncharova out of the flanks of the Guards.

By 1130 Smirnov’s men had passed thru the now empty town of Goncharova. and ran smack into the remnants of the 352 situated on the rise above the town to the East.

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