Kallisto Prepares for PGG!


Panzer Gruppe Guderian play thru from the attack Mistress!

Side by Side PGG and AVD Wrap Up

When I first thought to play these two titles side by side I imagined that the effort would be nominal and that I would indeed literally play turn about. One turn for AVD, then one for PGG.

That idea is not a good one! Keeping the rules straight and being able to ‘invest’ in the mechanics of each game was lost in that process.

So I elected to play each separately.  I am glad I did. In fact I was able to play AVD both solo and versus a VASSAL opponent. This dramatically changes the experience for AVD.

PGG, was a little different, lining up a player locally was not really an option given the time frame and I had a desire to try this one alone first in any case. There is something about games declared “classic” that I want to experience by myself first off then perhaps with another player, at a later date.  Most games, especially new ones I like to play for the first time with someone who is also playing for the first time. I like the Ahaaaa moments, and the oh boy this is great…or broken..or whatever.  Playing with a person who has ‘worked the strategy’, especially with CDG’s bugs the crud….well never mind. I digress.

There is a wonderfully long and rich article online regarding PGG, its back ground, details, rules, and game play.   I’ll post a link to it. the articles are worth a read for first time players.

So let’s look at scale first off. Both games use similar map sizes but the scale is clearly different.  The PGG hexes are stated to be 15kms per hex. There is no similar statement on the AVD title. But if we look at the two maps more closely we can see some key differences. I laid both maps over the current topography of the area and the came out pretty close. So despite this little re orientation they represent reality.

Yes, the orientation of the battle map is different. Note also that in AVD it includes Minsk at one end, and Moscow environs at the other whereas the PGG map has neither but stretches further North and South.

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