Phew..Day 12. Taco Takedown

If I had a hangover, or have a hangover this is a go to staple. Today it was desperation. I needed to get a taco on the score card.

Petes Tacos are a blend of spicy sausage (the only way I will eat this American abomination of meat), potatoes, egg, cheese and grilled onions…oh and some seriously hot Jalapenos. Mui Excellente.

Just the right mix of heat, grease, flavor and soothing eggyiness.

Taco Takedown….day…9….


When the home hearth turns stale, for flavor enhancement it is time to expand your horizons. So I headed to my favorite Mexican Tequileria and Cocina. Yves the owner did me right. Petite sized hand made tortillas were used to make tacos with grilled shrimp, coriander and  fresh yummmie (no after taste ) raw onions. the kicker, a salsa verde that took the roof of my mouth to new places!
Bam! Take that Emeril.

It was too early for Tequila, but I need to head back for some more varieties Tacos Espinaca in particular ASAP.