VCS Salerno

I am guessing that most folks who own Operation Typhoon or Panzergruppe Guderian, know that Nathan Kilgore (spelling?), has a new title that ‘formalizes’ the Variable combat systems re incarnation as he sees it.

The first title in the series is VCS Salerno. I just pre ordered mine. I mention it as the deadline for the P500 is coming up. So if you had an interest as I do, please consider popping over to Multi-man and making a commitment.

In the Confession booth over Operation Typhoon

Update from my previous Turn 16 post and some more details:

From my Facebook page + edits:

Confession time! With a question.
First the confession; I screwed up!
When you play a game, how accurately do you desire to play it? 100%?
How do you feel if you invest a lot of time and make an egregious error?
Do you reset, or try and wind the clock back or come up with kooky fixes?

Yes I am at that point. Operation Typhoon errors & omissions.

Lets talk about the semantic difference between Precipitation and Snow. NONE both are precipitation.

READ THE RULES MORON….. Snow of course is a type of precipitation. I was ‘reading’ it as rain. Why I will never know.
Never connecting the dots on the two….:(. Therefore I missed 2 turns of snow!

The Big Board
24 minutes ago
As at Turn 12 (this is the beginning of 12).

End of Turn 11.

We had precipitation, i.e. we had snow…. This matters, as movement and combat factors are halved for all Germans, but not for most of the Russians.

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Post Mortem 4man Op Typhoon

So what happened today?

Operation Typhoon was played by 4 guys. One person had played twice, one had played several times in their youth, I had played (sort of se AAR) twice and one person had their first exposure.

See snippetts and videos in links below.

The two least experienced players myself and Brady had the task of capturing Moscow. We actually decided to go the encirclement route with Kilgores modified rules and errata.

The 3rd and 4th Panzer armies were commanded by me. Playing the role of Reinhardt and Hoepner. While Brady took the open battlefields and Little Moscow with 2nd Panzer and 4th Army lead by Guderian and Von Kluge.

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