16th thru 18th of May TBL_2

  • The Germans 20 SP and initiative again.
  • Reinforcements and no Pax/EQ.
  • West of Dinant the 1st Panzer supported by the elements of the 6th and 10th Panzer lose a step, and cause a step loss but the French block the way. In a 28^4 v 3^2 attack Kliest and 1st Panzer attack in a follow up. Pushing back the French.
  • The 4th Panzer and SS:V in the North forge a trail between Brussel and Namur from Diest. Crossing the ancient Sambre River and reach the outskirts of Charleroi. The line and supply are secured; albeit somewhat thinly but several divisions and regiments extend a line with HQs from Charleroi back to the forces surging up towards Brussels. Feeling behind schedule the rush is on. It seems that Charleroi would be a good next stop to capture and force the roll back of the Allies.
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