Bibracte – Intermission

Historically the Helvetii withdrew part way thru the battle.

Some quick comments and thoughts about that.

The Gaulish tribes are not know for their subtlety when it comes to tactics. I try to reflect that here, and if these leader ratings are worth anything your choices are pretty limited in any case!



Julius Caesar Critical Review The $64 Question!

Julius Caesar  from Columbia games has been out now for awhile (June 2010). The game is ranked #31 in the BGG ranks for war games and 414th overall.  Which is pretty darn good.  So what is all the fuss about?

This is the first block game and first game from Columbia that the Big Board has looked at.

The Ancient Era as always holds a fascination for the masses, historians, game players and I.  The bloody battles, political intrigue laid bare, nations and tribes conquered, loves, tyranny and conquest. Gripping stuff.

The period surrounding this particular Civil War was no exception. The Empire  was stagnating.  Fat cats were getting fat, the populace was un happy, and there were threats at many borders.  Sound eerily familiar to today’s society.

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Cleopatra the Harlot

The Harlot in all her glory

As I write, my heart is broken.  No, not the loss of full time employment working for a liar and a felon. No, not the dissapointment of unmet expectations at home. No,…sigh not the fact that my knee refuses to heal. No, not the frustration of another firm I consult to refusing to take my august and sage advice who now lie in ruins.

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