Battle of the Bridges

At the outset the German forces took a more aggressive stance. Both sides need to capture and hold the two bridges and the ford. The river is impassable to tanks.

The Germans posted forces on a split wing approach. Sending an AT Gun to the high ground on the center with the command Tank for support.

On the Left flank they staged all the infantry squads and trucks and pushed another AT Gun far left into the light trees that covered the approaches to one of the three objectives.

On the Right Wing 5 Pzr mark IV’s sped off to also gain high ground and setup up overwatch positions. Hoping to catch the Soviets trying to cross the bridge.

From what could be seen from the high ground the Soviets were either attacking under strength or holding back reserves. The latter was more likely.  Both sides knew their weapon systems and those of their enemies. The T-34s clustered around some high ground on the German left

and inched forward on the right using a shallow gully to close range to their advantage.

German squads wait in town on the left flank.

As the panzers lead the way, they come under overwatch fire from atop the hill behind the river. The Soviets send shells crashing in around the fast paced IVG’s. Engines howl, but given the conditions they must stick to the road!

A shot hits the last tank in the group. It slows to a stop and wheels hard right to face its adversary. Protecting the now damaged side of its hull. Luckily no track damage, the Tank Leader pops his head out and waves on the rest of the squad who storm the bridge, also pulling up and facing the new threat. The Soviet 76.2mm gun while larger bore had less penetrating power than the Pzr IV’s but were still going to kill the lighter weight Panzer if it got close enough.

Shortly a score of 75mm barrels will be returning the favour.

The PAK 7.5cm guns select targets.

Turn 2 begins.


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