The opening situation.

Macedonian first move is to secure the left flank by pushing up Parmenions team of HC & LC.
Alex Seizes and advances the Light troops in the center to clear out the Skirmishers.

The Persians prepare to overwhelm Parmenion

Meanwhile Alexander races to the left of the fords thinking to charge up the banks and tear thru the Cardeces…..oops banks are +3 height…Time for lunch.

The Persians push back the Left Flank, with some losses but taking out 2 Thessalian HC.

And back further!
The Center of Alex’s line activates and seizes its a race against time as the Greek Allies rush to bolster the left flank.

Across the shallows up the slope and off to work! Craterus and his men smash the Greek Mercs. destroying 25+ RPs in 2 back to back turns, aided by cramped conditions on the Persian line.


Two of these units end up so bloodied on Alex’s center that they wander off to avoid Rout Point accumulation. Phillip has better luck in the center

No line here just pandemonium, Darius’s, Immortals counter as does the
Heavy Cav. All to no avail.

With the left flank secure Alex goes turn after turn seizing for the middle, wiping out left and right flank Carduces units, breaching the abatis, and providing the means to bring force to beat on the Greek Mercenaries. Two are quickly routed, and they advance seeking contact with Darius and his chariots.

Less than 19 Alex. player turns and about 10 Persian turns. The Persian put 19 RPs on the board, and severely damaged a number of units, the Greek side inflicted 112RP’s. But in the end the right flank with Alex never got going and had lots of power to bring to bare should things gone the wrong way. I’m going to play the free set up to see if it makes a difference.

Poll – Decide the Future BattleField for Alexander v Rome (Where in the World is AtG Series)

Subject: Poll – Decide the Future Battle Field for Alexander v Rome (Where in the World is AtG Series)

Its the Year 316 B.C.

Paprius scampers to Rome with his tail between his legs after his tragic loss of 4 Legions at the Battle of Siris . Alexander now has all roads clear to Rome.

He has 3 roads to approach Rome on from the South.

Our scenario provides an opportunity to choose out battle ground. Rome chooses from 8 maps that reflect ‘typical’ terrain.

The Roman player (you ) choose 3 from the 8 maps.

Then Alexander chooses his approach ( 1 of the 3)
We are going to modify the selection a little, in that AtG can choose after seeing the 3 maps which he wants to use. Rome has 39,000 men, 4 double legions.

Alexander has all of his previous forces less those routed from the last battle.
+ Tarantine Allies (who finally get off the fence), some Samnites, Lucanian and Bruttians.

Added to this is the much needed additional Hoplites from Syracuse.

So how would we choose a map as a solo guy!? Ahh yes the power of the poll.

Here are the maps in numerical order for the poll, please choose three you would like to fight the “The Final Battle” against Alexander the Great with 4 double Legions on.

1. Granicus

2. Issus

3. Baecula

4. Cannae

5. Beneventum

6. Metarus

7. Munda

8. Trebbia

Now the Poll:

Which 3 Maps should Rome choose to take as their defensive position against Alexander the Great on his march to Rome. Each Map is representative terrain on the approach to Rome.
(so no we are not in Persia anymore) Look at the maps and decide where you would prefer to fight.
Please restrict your self to 3 choices.

Defensive Position 1 Defensive Position 2 Defensive Position 3
1. Granicus
2. Issus
3. Baecula
4. Cannae
5. Beneventum
6. Metarus
7. Munda
8. Trebbia
If you vote before Sept 15th Meshtime Subscribers receive 5 geek gold. You must however be a subscriber to my Blog. Oh – please dont be that guy and  subscribe for 5 measly GG and then unsubscribe. I’m encouraging you to return.
There will be new and more interesting events, prizes and of course I hope you subscribe any way – For the content.
All the best.

AtG: The Battle of Siris Finale. 4/4 (From the Where is the World is AtG Series)

Here is the finale.

As you can imagine this is not going to end well.  I provide commentary thru out this last segment and walk thru what I saw.

Alex, executed flawlessly on his Right. Taking matters into his own hands he was aggressive and got himself into trouble on more than one occasion.

His center advanced rapidly, with the Hypasists , driving hard with the Elephants and Indian archers covering their flank.  Due to the aggressive attack, the Romans bled off forces from their left to stem the flank attack.

That was the beginning of the end. Rome could bring less force to bear, had trouble leveraging Hastati /Principies benefits and soon found themselves locked in a heavy Melee line.

Only one weaker Greek Allied Phalanx failed, and fled the field. When the Carthaginian and Numidian Cavalry attacked on the Left Wing they, eviscerated the Roman Cavalry, only lost 2 units to pursuit and then proceeded to attack the rear of the Triarii to add insult to injury.

With Voice over comments

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AtG v Rome The Battle of Siris opening moves. & INFIDEL command system

In this battle we use the Infidel command system mechanic.  Where each leader rolls against his or her (well you never know) leadership rating. In Infidel the ratings were lower than the GBoH guys, so I was initially worried. In reflection the thing worked out pretty well.

Alex had an out right advantage with a rating of 7. After each activation if you desire to activate another formation you roll for that leader and add 1 for each previous formation activated (except first), roll under off you go, roll over you are done and the enemy has a free activation.

So given that Alex was an Elite Ldr I chose to let him go first and allow him to activate any leader in his command radius.  Being a SGBoH player I looked to it as a measure of reasonableness not GBoH as much.  AtG’s generals are all pretty good 4-5-6’s verus 3-4’s of Rome.

However the free activations when the Greeks failed allowed every unit a chance to get going. If Rome obeyed the letter of the law under SGBoH it was possible for them to activate HA/PR together – we continued that practice, it meant the primary general used his activation, then he had to rely on lower levelleaders to roll 3/4 or under with on a subsequent activations was challenging.

On the whole the Greek/Roman activation of formations looked like this:

2 Greek 1 Roman

2 Greek 2 Roman

1 Greek 1 Roman

2 Greek 2 Roman

1 Greek 1 Roman

2 Greek.

so  9v7. The Romans have a tricky time activating in GBoH, and are limited in SGBoH too.

I think with some tweaks from smart players the Infidel command and control system could be readily applied to GBoH.

I had heard that SGBoH was coming out with a rules revision, but have seen no drafts or evidence of when.

I am planning on testing with more battles and different situations to see if this makes sense to use and does not skew the action too badly.