PanzerGruppe Guderian [SbS] p2

Turn 4

Das Reich conducts two overruns, loses a step in the process. Not wise to overrun untried units, when that big 8 factor turns up! Overruns are ½’ed on offence.  Elements of 14thand 18th PD ‘s combine to envelope Vitebsk.

The 20th press down the road towards SMOL, eliminating one unit. 19th PD focus on an OOS unit and eliminate it. Being able to kill the HQ’s and or place units in isolation is key to easier odds for the Germans. The 12th PD captures Yelna.

7/4 and 10th attack units South of SMOL.

In turn 5, the Soviets move and attempt to cover holes. They are hard pressed. Fortunately the ‘random’ reinforcement arrives in the South allowing a stop gap measure there. Rail units arrive in SMOL.

At Yelnya the 12th PD retreats from stiffening resistance. The 4th and 10th encircle  units blocking the river road. The 6:1 attack kills the  Soviets.  The 7th and 3rd PD attack forces in SMOl, taking a retreat and killing on unit in the town. The 117th and GD Regiment focus on scattered forces North of SMOL, near the marshes.

Turn 6, the Soviet scramble. Pushing units quickly west.  We make a mistake here and forget to bring HQ’s with the reinforcements. This slows down the pace of reinforcements.

In the German turn the continue attack South Vitebsk with reinforcements garnering a 5:1 d1 result, and a 9:1 attack. North of Mogilev the Soviets are surrounded and OOS, and thus another unit dies. GD and the 17th kill of units near SMOL. These clean up attacks will hopefully remove any ability of the Soviets to block the now long tenous supply line. Some units far South roll along under OOS rules 50% reduction in movement etc.

In the second move phase  the  Germans press South of Vyazma.  Regiments split off to lock ZOCs with Soviet stragglers.

By Turn 7 the Soviet collapse is clearly evident.  Germans move now over the course of Turn 7 and 8 to block rail support of the Southern map, by putting a unit smack on the rail line near Vyazma. This allows the units freed from SMOL to head south then East.  This will all but guarantee the capture of the Board Edge VPs in the South.  9 divisions of Infnatry are yet to arrive for the Germans, so they have high confidence of meeting even the stiffest resistance and can now afford to take higher risk attacks against the waning forces of the Soviets. Vyazma may not fall by the end of Turn 9, but it would likely  fall prior to game end.

This ends up a German Strategic Victory.

Turn 8


There are a few variable here that really took a bit for me to grok.  The difference from Operation Typhoon and later titles is evident, but not immediately reconcilable into a plan of attack or defence for either side.  Well not for me in any case. The Divisional Integrity bonus is nice, but it really has to be coupled with either a lot of armor, or OOS units. Nearly everything doubles the Soviets on defence  The biggest difference (as I recall) is the Zone of Control Locking.  Once in a ZOC you are stuck until you kill or retreat away. I don’t remember Op Typhoon being this way, it was a +MPs to move into or through ZOCs(?) Is that correct?

Well it took a few abortive starts to get the system working right, so I will count them as Soviet wins 2-1 V the Germans.  There are some optional rules floating that suggest the Soviets get the 0-0-6 units as 1-1’s. Fair enough but it wont make much of a difference.

The Soviets really cannot afford to attack until such time as they know their combat status and then have one of these divisions isolated and hopefully separate.

The one 1:2 attack in hindsight was a dumb ass move. This cured my desire to attack at all as the Russians.

This is a bit brutal at first for the Germans, you are in essence playing bling for the first few turns. So the decisions to attack are fraught with angst for me. I like that. I would happily set this up again soon.  It seemed to play much faster than I thought it would too.

Good stuff.

PanzerGruppe Guderian [SbS]

Turn 1, July 3rd and 4th 1941.

Soviets roll a 4 and the 16th and 24th Armies therefor do not move this turn.  The rest of the units on the board do activate.

Germans turn. The Gemans have a different turn sequence are the Supply. Move combat,they are allowed to move again. Only Overruns are allowed though. This second movement is clearly powerful if used correctly…. That may take some doing.

The 14th Pzr Division (14PD) move into ZOCs of the 20th Army at Vitebsk. 12th and 20th PD attack North of Vitebsk. 3:1 earning a d1

Note attack results are taken either as a retreat or a step loss. Soviets have no sub steps. Elimination and engagement results are also a possibility.

The 20th Advances to the rail line west far west of Smolensk in subsequent activation.

Turn 2… The Germans in essence leave themselves OOS…..we reset.  Plus we missed placing air.

Turn 1.

7th and 12th attack Orsha4:1 d1 result. 14th PD engage the ZOCS of units around Vitebesk. Once in a ZOC you may not exit until forced to via a combat result. The tactical use of these and the timing of such is key.

20th Armoured alos moves along the woods to highway and rail towards Smolensk (SMOL).

Turn 2, 5th -6th of July.

Soviets reinforce, many units are trapped in ZOCS. They advance to lock ZOCS with the 20th to slow them down. Germans take Velizh.

Turn 3,  The Soviets have a large untried force and one 8 combat factor unit  south. They pile onto the 4th Panzer. This was likely ill advised. (I forgot the wood double…. This ends up a 1:2 attack.  It is a disaster – a 6 yields attacker eliminated.

I consider taking this back but figure that  this would be the 3rd restart of this darn game and I REALLY want to get past turn 2!!   So we let it stand, writing it off as a Stalinist mandate.  In hindsight this will be expensive.

The Germans pile drive forward the 10/17/18, Das Reich and 29th Motorized Division drive on!

3/4th PD’s and 10th MD arrive and blast away at units South of Vitebsk, securing the supply route. And clearing the road to SMOL. They then exploit to the South.

Attack upon Orsha – DE, 0717 DE, max odds at South of Vitebsk Woods is also a kill.


A Victory Denied [Side by Side] p3

Turn 6-7-8 Bear with me here.

I wanted to run the scenario out to see how I might play it based upon chit draws, and points potential. Then let my opponent (Anthony) run his turns with his chit selections and pulls. I think you will see that this shows just how dynamic the game can be and how outcomes can change due to Formation selection and the timing of those activations!  So here is 6-8 part 1 and how I played out the game:

At the end of turn 6 we roll for Hitler Directive. But before we become too excited about that result lets look at the situation.

The paths have diverged historically to a large degree and the Soviets have tarried too long!

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