7.2 Wrap up. DAK2

I thought a quick wrap up with a few shots of the overall end might be good for closure. The Axis streamed down the dusty roads and quickly encircled Sollum. Then pressed and probed around Mersa.

The Weight of numbers and plentiful supply took its toll quickly.

With the port cut off, the outlook grew bleak. The Allies cast about for unit to build a line at El Alamein

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DAK2 AAR Feb-Mar 1941


1st February 1941
Clear skies again and under the hard spring sun Shelbys forces strike out …..for parts unknown as a withdrawal. Aussies move to normal from training. 2nd Armoured begins training.

Trento Division appears in Sicily. SP are pushed to Trip.

5th Feb. The greek Campaign begins…… for crying out loud.

8th of Feb Clear, no Random, finally no Malta effect so Italy moves supplies to Tobruk. Pushing 2SP with all trucks focused on moving from Ben. To Tob.
NZ is finally released and moves to El Brug.

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DAK2 19-2-41 Notes on current crisis

After much admonishing and self flagellation, The allies stopped trying to ram HH…..head on…. So they went wide and deep…. A bit too deep…. A bit too wide…

Its Feb 19th 1941. Rommel sits in Tobruk, in a freshly pressed uniform, with his first units. Discussing next steps.

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