AVD AAR Turn 1/p4

The ninth chit is 9th Army. The first group is the north group shown in the next image.

Unit positions after moving are shown in the next image. German commits a STUKA to insure crossing the river.

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A Victory Denied AAR Turn 1/p3

Following Timoshenko activation the seventh chit drawn is 2PzGrp. The next image shows the 2PzGrp activated units.

The next image shows unit positions after movement. The attacks are labeled and ordered in the following image. The order of attacks is significant here.

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East Front II and Blocks in the East

I was hoping to post a formatted version of this.. so pardon for the mess. Neither wordpress nor BGG are letting xls formated stuff in correctly.

I have now played some EFII. Nice game. By no means comprehensive, nor likely 100% accurate, this is my take on the the two systems this far.
Note I only have the one play of EFII and 3 plays of BitE, so take it for what its worth.

Please dont invite me to a flame war BGG fanboys of either title, this is just an attempt to side by side the features from playing one after the other with both sets of rules handy.

So here are some data points, the format sucks but the cut and paste from xls is not even. If you have a suggestion for making it easier to read I am open to trying.

They both play markedly differently, and favor very different styles of play I think.

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