Phantom Fury

The troops rushed another courtyard. Bang on windows, pounding doors shouting to draw fire. Each small house its own special death trap.

The Abrams idled waiting for orders. Once given the outcome was certain. As it headed out moving along with the troops the tank commander stayed topside, as he could point out insurgents from his 8 foot vantage. RPG’s skittered off armor, some detonated, others did not.  She was impervious.

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Bibracte 58 B.C. Final

Over the course of the battle Caesars legions initially took the brunt of the barbarian charge on the chin. Shield and boss against bodies, Pilum and Gladii flying and thrust against the swords swing, axe stab and hide bound armour of the Helvetii. Whilst the leadership of the tribes was no match for Romes generals and Legates they managed to withdraw bloodied and in some disarray to a hill

up from the River.

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Stalingrad Pocket II [Turn 7]

Conflict surges to and from over the various rivers that define the extremities of each armies positions, Turn 6 was bloody, but Turn 7 is proving ot be a testing ground for the stamina of both armies.

December 1-2

Weather Clear

Axis Air 5 (Amazing rolls so far thankfully)

Soviet 3

Opening Turn 7

Soviet rapid response to defend the HQ’s at Stalingrad and precious Katys, reveals the weakness or brittle nature of the Axis war machine at this stage of the war. II sized units fighting divisions are all well and good on the offense. But establishing a credible defense when isolated is another story altogether.

Center Map Karpovka area

As the Soviet the Axis player realizes his error and over enthusiasm. By drawing off nearly all available units The Soviets surround and ground pound the Panzers. 2x 6-3-10 Pzr units are wiped out by barrages and attacks. Was that worth destroying 1 HQ and reducing another?

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