Play by Poll [PbP] C.V.

As previously announced The Big Board is going to run a new play by poll  (PbP) game for all of you.

What The Hell is PbP..? I hear you say. Well if you look back into the recesses of the past posts you will see a couple of PbP series. Namely Leros and Austerlitz. But simply put PbP is a run thru of a game where you and your friends vote on the next course of action for a particular side, and then all the mechanics, details, rules and exceptions are taken care of right here.

This new edition will be somewhat simpler than the first 2 editions…. I think….:)

The idea is simple. All the work is done here on this side, you make all the cool decisions.

Kind of like a real General. Or in this case Admiral.

C.V, is a Yaqinto title from 1979 and was a Craig Taylor design. It followed the successful Flat Top from 1977!

Image: BGG Pauolo Robino

Our mission is very simple don’t let the Japanese Imperial Navy (IJN) sink the Midway…well you can’t sink it as it is an Island. But we do not want them to capture it, nor do we desire to lose too many ships and men doing it.

In our game we will have a IJN fleet approaching from multiple directions, using hidden movement, and setting up almost anywhere on the Western Map!

So the first task ahead of the Play by Poll players is to elect aircraft search patterns. We will give you some images, some intel, and ranges that the aircraft can cover. You point them on a search pattern (several craft linked into an interlocking sweep does the trick!).

Once we find the enemy then the fun begins. Over the course of the game we will need to have aircraft ready to launch from your C.V’s..oh did I mention you get Aircraft Carriers too?

The aircraft from those ships and Midway need to rearm (Torpedos/Dive bombers etc) and there will be choices to make there, all with supporting information from your Flight Deck Officers providing information and Intel.

If you get all too excited about this, there is the opportunity to command your very own CV (we have a few lying around.), so if you are interested in being more involved than just voting on the big picture and desire to provide a CV Task Group with orders (once again, all the rules management, paper work and die rolling happens here) that would include – where to sail, what aircraft to keep in coverage, and what flights to have on the ready deck then like this post, and leave a comment. You will be provided with more details, and specifics when the time is right!

Burma moving on!

From the 8th of April ’44 turn there have a number of turns that not a lot happened. This is due to the inevitable re supply and the slow movement of units in terrible terrain. The last two weeks of April were mud compounding problems.

April 15 thru 22 the Imphal area attack were a disaster for the Japanese. Several Bns were lost, and mud thought to be a benefit in slowing British response just locked every one up.

In the West the Allies attacks were weak. They lost s 6-3-4 and 7t of supply were blown.

Imphal late game

So by the 22nd of April both sides were spent supply wise and unit cohesiveness.

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8-4-44 Burma [OCS]

The turns progress now a little faster. The supply hex counting done once and noted on the board helps, the ability to rapidly move SP’s to and from shortens play time, and increases enjoyment.  The initial disorganization is replaced by a somewhat smoother and simpler network. although as we will see we still have some misplaced transport assets, and Supply stuck in awkward places.

Overall situation early April.

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0540…TCS Bloody Ridge

Really looking for some advice here. Should we reset or carry on into the blood shed.
I chickened out here. It was brutal. Awesome but brutal

Bloody Ridge, Action so far and some detail on play

From my introductory videos regarding Op sheets you may have gathered that TCS was back on the table. You would be right! I was just helping a new guy grab hold of how to do a few things and I got the bug. This game represents the defense of Henderson Airfield post landing. Given the lack of action during the landing likely a good idea.

I will post a background piece if there is enough interest after we get some turns under the belt, as this is a fascinating look at the capabilities of the Marines for the first time in WWII.

Good news is, it is a small 1 mapper. I really have too many games on the boil at the moment. As you can see I was really trying to convince myself I was NOT going to play this game!

Nevertheless the play here is quick, unit count is low – 1 Regiment of Imperial Japan and the Raiders and sundries @ Guadalcanal. I’ll not be posting in this detail for all 83 turns, but I am happy to expand detail as interests, questions and or opportunity arises.

In the 0200- 0300 turn the Japanese plan becomes clearer. The USMC elects to fail the Paras in order to move them to support Hill 80 and reinforce 123.

IF the Enemy attempts to sweep around in a wide arc it will likely be daylight before they make it to 123. Corsairs are on stand by! Regardless USMC pop Illum to look for shots in the Jungle on the impending approach

In the 0300 turn the Japanese commit.

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