Looking for a great Learning Scenario for OCS?

Looking for a great Learning Scenario for OCS?
Look no further!
Scenario 6.5 The Sedan Breakout, provides some nice exploration of movement, Overrun, Reserves and Air usage. Set in the Historical start situation where the Germans have just breached the Meuse River.
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just 3 turns long, this is full of replay value!6.5_TBL

24th TBL_2

  • Big Picture

  • 24th May Pause 3, OK, 14 SP.
  • From the end of last turn we can see the pocket now clearly forming below!
  • German Initiative win for this turn. Big difference in supply this turn. So no major thrusts.


  • FR escape in a desperate attack to avoid attrition rolls above
  • Germany plays conservatively. Reinforcing and where possible doubling the depth of the encirclement of what is now known as the Charleroi-Namur Pocket.
    Last turn the Belgians forgot to roll for Attrition. They now lose 17 steps, and Liege is all but gone.

    Units move deeper towards Metz and Verdun, and are in fact a little over extended. Kliest & others attack units in mon-Idee, in two overruns 1/3 Bn is lost from 2nd Panzer group.

    Other forces consolidate. Infantry divisions move up to replace the weary Panzer formations and extra SP are brought up to support Mons where SS:T and GD are holding. They capture a Truck and 1 3 T of supply.

    In the Allied turn we assess the situation.

  • A Breakout would yield a total of 20 surviving steps, 8 units for the French in Paris in no more than 2 turns (I assume that is where B-outs go), the rest would arrive as follows : 3(26th), 2(28th), 4(30th) and 3(1 June). A lot of Armour dies.

  • If the units hold as is, even the tanks are stuck, the Trace attrition rolls kill off 27 steps. A lot of armour survives but with no fuel!

  • Looking at the map, I don’t see how either the Ports can hold or that Verdun/Metz would not fall. In all likelihood the Germans could make it to Paris!

  • I think we call this one here. Yet another superbly fun

  • experience and highly engaging. This model provides some very nice insights into the risks taken, the choices made. I don’t know the history to the minute, but I am certainly wiser now!

  • Attrition roll dead!