Duel in the North: The Leningrad Campaign, Jun-Sep 1941

Eric “Warlord ” Walters has started a blog. The world will hold its breath until the next post. I love his views on games, design and his depth of real world knowledge regarding Military Strategy.

Warlord Walters

Just got my copy of World At War magazine, issue #48 (April-May 2016).  And what do we find but a serious-looking game on Army Group North’s drive to Leningrad.  Now, there’s plenty of other games on the subject, but they seem to be either too big (GMT’s BARBAROSSA: ARMY GROUP NORTH) or too small (DG’s revision of the old SPI LENINGRADgame).  Sure, there are few other medium-sized games out there, but this one is eye catching.

Duel in the North

For starters, it’s a chit pull activation system, based on headquarters units in the game.  Secondly, the historical game has everyone set up the way they were historically, but the alternative set up has both sides doing free deployment–and the Soviets set up with untried unit status.  Oh, how can one not love that–it’s like the DG/SPI version, but here we’re dealing with divisions on both sides, so there is far greater fidelity.

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Bin Laden’s bookshelf: the gaming connection revealed!

That Steve jackson guy! Who wants to be on dead Binny’s bookmarks!?


Today the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report on some of the reading material Osama bin Laden had on his (digital) bookshelves in Abottabad when he was killed by US special forces.


One of those items will be of particular interest to gamers: a saved webpage from the ICv2.com geek culture business website noting that some conspiracy theorists had claimed that the “Steve Jackson Games’ Illuminati New World Order card game foretold the attacks on the World Trade Center.”



And there you have it. Doubtless there will be further releases from the US intelligence community revealing that al-Qa’ida was also interested in jihadi Munchkins and giant cybernetic tanks.

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Gaming In The Shelfie Era

What do you guys think? Shelfies are a self indulgent narcissistic action or an expression of joy?😉

Brooklyn Wargaming


Photography has been a personal and professional interest of mine for more than twenty years. One particular area of photography that has long fascinated me is frontier photography of the United States. I was turned on to the period in the 1973 classic Wisconsin Death Trip by Michael Lesy which frames a late 19th-century town’s life in photos ranging from the deeply personal to the macabre. Given the complexity and expense of early photography, I’ve always thought of the personal, logistical and financial choices made in people capturing images in the late 19th through early 20th century.

Photographs of American frontier people and their possessions have always held a big pull for me. In the photo at top (from the Nebraska State Historical Society’s Prairie Settlement collection) a family has chosen to hire a photographer to document them on the new frontier. Aside from the family in the foreground…

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The BIG MOVE of The Big Board

May 2014

Finally under 100 views.

Enjoy the latest  at this location: The BigBoard

UPDATE October 2. 2013.

I see still about 100 people day visiting. Please note you are welcome to browse past posts here. All content that is here is replicated over @ http://bigboardgaming.com

Best Kev.


Effective today we are moving The Big Board to its own special URL

The site will now reside here

This will give us unlimited storage for images, more flexibility in regards to that storage and potentially some new layout formats we can try. We can kiss goodbye the dead links from Facebook. Over time I will re post all of the images to the back posts (all 1700 odd posts) so that at the least galleries of the lost images will be available.

For those of you who land at the site via Facebook or a Board Game Geek link you wont notice a difference unless it is a post prior to today’s date. All of those older BGG links will direct you to this older page. Feel free to read here, note that I will not be responding to or updating here at all going forward. ALL posts are available over at the new site location!

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I’ll figure out how to sticky this to the top. See you at the new location!