The BIG MOVE of The Big Board

May 2014

Finally under 100 views.

Enjoy the latest  at this location: The BigBoard

UPDATE October 2. 2013.

I see still about 100 people day visiting. Please note you are welcome to browse past posts here. All content that is here is replicated over @

Best Kev.


Effective today we are moving The Big Board to its own special URL

The site will now reside here

This will give us unlimited storage for images, more flexibility in regards to that storage and potentially some new layout formats we can try. We can kiss goodbye the dead links from Facebook. Over time I will re post all of the images to the back posts (all 1700 odd posts) so that at the least galleries of the lost images will be available.

For those of you who land at the site via Facebook or a Board Game Geek link you wont notice a difference unless it is a post prior to today’s date. All of those older BGG links will direct you to this older page. Feel free to read here, note that I will not be responding to or updating here at all going forward. ALL posts are available over at the new site location!

Those that have subscribed  to this blog @ WP, will unfortunately need to re sub if you only visit via this current URL.

I’ll figure out how to sticky this to the top. See you at the new location!