10th of May, TBL_2

The Blitzkrieg Legend Play thru # 2.

  • 10th of May, The Roermond-Weert-Eindhoven line are attacked by commando forces from Germany. Leiden, Ridderkurck and Dordrechet are air assaulted by the 7th FJ successfully. It is a text book start to the illustrious German blitzkrieg model. Air and sweeps suppress the pathetic forces of Europe.
  • 10
  • 4th and 11th and related forces move. With the attacks and commandos the 4th Pzr makes it all the way to Eindhoven. Additional units pass thru the now open roads to Bree! This play thru we will see if we can finish off the Dutch quickly twice!
  • SS Viking and 9th Pzr exit Reserve mode and truck on and thru the breaches.
  • In the Ardennes 1Krd from 1st Pzr requires two 87b strikes to soften up 5th cavalry along the narrow roads.
  • The Belgian 1st ChA are DG’d and the Lehr armoured car Bn calls in 2 strikes as well against them at the key road junction @ 31.17. They are seeking to clear the road to Marche en Famenne/Reccongne. Follow on forces overrun the Belgians.
  • Supply is moved forward, but not as adroitly as the German commanders’ desire.
  • At Bastogne- Lille Hwy the 1st Cav are DG’d and overrun by 7th Pzr. Each side taking an option loss. The road stays blocked! 5th Pzr now commits and overruns forces losing the 1/31 in the process. A rough start but it could always be worse.
  • During the combat stage of the turn in Maastricht the attack fails! The Fort takes a step loss though.
  • Further north in Holland the 3rd Panzer units drive deep 3/1+1/1 attack with 22nd @ Dordrecht (31.48% of Atk losses) take an option loss and enforce a loss and an option loss/retreat. The 1/1 dies at the gates.
  • In the Ardennes the 4th Cav is not attacked by 1st Pzr rather, 2nd Pzr bring arty to bear. The subsequent attacks force Krd off the map with losses and the French simply yield a Arty unit for its loss. The roads are still held…..
  • During the Exploit phase the 10th Pzr barrels in, overruns the 12th Ch from 5th Cav and takes Paliseul. 6th Pzr joins 10th via its Reserve move and the 29Motorized moves into the Bastogne area.
  • In the North the SS:V and 9th Pzr move along the canal line bordering Northern Belgium, driving deep looking for an exploitable location to cross at.
  • The Germans face a choice – strike South @ Sedan or head for a breach around Dinant area. There is some confusion about the plan given the weaker than expected results of Turn 1.

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