Friday Photo

End of the first Action Phase and Seoul has fallen.


Nice Podcast here on Ambush. This is high on my priorities list for 2013. BUT, I hope to use this as some sort of Narrative foil, with either video story or story and images.

ABOUT: The One Player Podcast is a show on Solitaire boardgaming. The intent of the show is to try to present information on solitaire boardgaming to anyone interested in trying it. The main goal is to present games that are playable solitaire in hopes of introducing new games a person may not be familiar with. The show will also present topics related to solitaire gaming which may be of interest and hopefully give people new ideas.

To fix the reset, re setup issue:
take a picture of the game. then edit it in image editor. for stacks with it on your laptop or w.e. while u look at the map. I do this when the cat sets an “ambush”
The little comments section is broken, pity. The code does not work.