Bloody Ridge, Action so far and some detail on play

From my introductory videos regarding Op sheets you may have gathered that TCS was back on the table. You would be right! I was just helping a new guy grab hold of how to do a few things and I got the bug. This game represents the defense of Henderson Airfield post landing. Given the lack of action during the landing likely a good idea.

I will post a background piece if there is enough interest after we get some turns under the belt, as this is a fascinating look at the capabilities of the Marines for the first time in WWII.

Good news is, it is a small 1 mapper. I really have too many games on the boil at the moment. As you can see I was really trying to convince myself I was NOT going to play this game!

Nevertheless the play here is quick, unit count is low – 1 Regiment of Imperial Japan and the Raiders and sundries @ Guadalcanal. I’ll not be posting in this detail for all 83 turns, but I am happy to expand detail as interests, questions and or opportunity arises.

In the 0200- 0300 turn the Japanese plan becomes clearer. The USMC elects to fail the Paras in order to move them to support Hill 80 and reinforce 123.

IF the Enemy attempts to sweep around in a wide arc it will likely be daylight before they make it to 123. Corsairs are on stand by! Regardless USMC pop Illum to look for shots in the Jungle on the impending approach

In the 0300 turn the Japanese commit.

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River of Perfume [Examination of tactical choices]

This could be a battle anywhere, any time. The choices in warfare with modern weapons remain the same. The combatants change, the result rarely does.

Here the out gunned VC fight a much smaller better trained force of USMC in Hue during the Vietnam War.

The VC have a game advantage where if they do not move or fire they cannot be spotted. Nice. However. The USMC is coming to town. Their intent is to clear every building. Either the easy way or the hard way.

The USMC will send a probing squad to the building corner, where the RPG is situated (upstairs), the US enter the building and immediately take fire from the squad upstairs.

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Phantom Fury T10-16 [play thru 2]

Some time yesterday afternoon I made a quick video at my frustration with the PF system. There were not enough heavy weapons.

There were too many infiltrations

There were not enough tanks based on historical data.

There….you get the picture. It was Turn 12. 3 precious squads had died dragging my VP total way down and I could see no way to win, with out potentially losing a lot of squads.

So I sounded off, announced a win for the Muj and decided to go upstairs and sulk.

……Next morning, with a fresh pair of eyes, I surveyed the board.  It was pretty close. I reviewed the infil rules and realized I was not going to have too much trouble. The tactics I was using would keep the Muj in the box and not behind me.

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Fire In the Sky p1/3

Chap4 Scenario 7.3 Night of Fire
Italics = in game notations
Well who ever reads this might as well know this diary,…is painful to write. I still cant write about the battle for No Name Ridge. Not yet anyway.
But as I sit here I can still feel the soreness in my thigh when the weather changes, from that dreadful experience.

You know I was at Hagaru when it all went down just after Thanksgiving back ’50. I was thankful all right. After being wounded back in August I did a rotation with Division until I got my strength back. It was good to be out of the line of fire despite fretting for the men.

Thanksgiving wan’t much to celebrate, except the fact that we were alive and the Chicoms didn’t interupt the turkey dinner…well it wasn’t turkey, but it was some sorta meat. Anway it was bitterly cold, even with winter uniforms. It had to be at least 15 below in the sun. The Engineers were blasting rock and frozen ground for an airstrip. Hell of a time to build.

2200 hrs
I was still up when it all started. Talking to the Major, drinking a bourbon from his private collection. Eagle Rare. I’d never heard of it. But back in Arizona there was not much call for Whiskey. I drank Tequila. This Eagle Rare was a little sweet for me.

Lesson learned about stacks, movement under OW and a host of little things. Both sides earned some pain.
An MG section from 172 dies, near NW end of the runway. Several Chi units suppressed.

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