Civil War begins in Texas! August 11th.

Along the Nueces River in Texas
August 11, 1862

Reports have slowly filtered in today of a most awful engagement along the banks of the Nueces River outside of Bracketville, Texas. According to sources, on August 1, 1862, a band of about 65 “Unionists”, mostly German settlers loyal to the United States, having emigrated to the Texas Hill Country in the mid-1800’s, began a journey to cross the Rio Grande River into Mexico to avoid conscription into the Confederate States army. Civilians all, the men believed they would soon be captured and impressed into Confederate service under the Confederate Conscription Act if they stayed, and thus began a difficult journey of several hundred miles across brush and desert. The Unionists apparently were led to believe that if they foreswore conflict, and simply left Texas, they could travel in peace. Capt. John Sansom travelled as a guest of the Unionists, and having escaped, his is one of the few accounts of the “battle.”

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