2nd Herdonia 210B.C. Hannibals Revenge 1.19

2nd Punic War, Hannibals Revenge : The 2nd Battle of Herdonia, 210 B.C. AAR 1.19
Despite the recent ahistorical result at 1st Herdonia in Italy Hannibal was determined to fight on. Hannibal was however now sure that he was now fighting for a lost cause given the loss of the Sicilian Campaign. The African and Italian campaigns were still up for grabs but time was not on his side in this war of attrition. With the fall of Capua, and 25 Legions to fight things looked grim indeed. Rome was replacing losses, the Punic army was not able to do so as effectively. Each city they lost limited recruitment and made allies question the tides of war.

The Campaign Issues 
Both sides in this battle have Rout Point’s they can bid to impact the net totals for army routing levels that they have accumulated via past battles. Rome bid their maximum, as did Carthage. The battle totals ended up @ 90 for Carthage and 130 for Rome. The net result is a reduction of 5 RPs for Carthage. That puts the Punic army at a dangerously low level against a strong III & V Legions.

(I am curious to know if other players prefer to add points to their total or subtract from the enemy?)

The Battle site:

Carthage and allies on the left, Romes 2 Legions on the right. Carthage has a great mix of Phalanxes on the LW and Bruttian Infantry on the right.
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