Austerlitz 0630 Turn 2 [Allies]

French Lancer, but you get the idea

0630 A horse galloped furiously thru fog, heedless of shouted warnings from hapless scouts and advanced guards of the 7th Jaeger Regiment under the 3rd Column. He bore a message of the utmost importance.

Meanwhile Constantine fidgeted at the  camp with the Emperors and their retainers. Merely 30 minutes into the operation and the leaders were bickering about the plans.

“What if Napoleon is trying to fool us?”

“Reports say a enormous force of Cavalry approaches Pratzen? Say one officer

“Rubbish” says another “Infantry were heard marching up the road FROM Stanton redoubt!”

“Insanity, Napoleon attack? He is cowering in his soggy tent.” “Mark my words, by the time this confusing fog clears we shall all be drinking Schnapps over that little bastards dead body.” said a Colonel.

“Enough” said a quiet but firm voice. “Your Imperial highness’s, if I may suggest a small modification?” Constantine stepped forward and marked the salt map in front of every one.

Let me advance down the road to the junction with the Imperial Guard as a mere morale booster and a show of force for all concerned. Having all those cannons on the high ground makes good sense and we shall let loose a salute to one and all upon our victory!”……………

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Leros Play by Poll Wrap Up

Closing thoughts.

The Tactical Combat Series (TCS)  is an unforgiving system from the perspective of long view in a campaign game.  The tendency is in a game at this scale at least for me is to “get in there” and start fighting as the clock is ticking. I did however enjoy Leros, the rules work, the system works, the counter art and maps are stunning. It is about my favorite so far in the series.  Especially as a straight up foot soldier battle.

Well once again from my TCS play here we see a 2-3 day conflict that was ‘rushed’.  Both sides took chances, inflicted losses and paid the piper for overly aggressive tactics. Especially the Germans in the North.

The overall plan for the Germans was weak. Too little force was applied to the North. In reality the forces tasked with capturing the center of the Island should have all headed North. By breaking the back of the English (Buffs) the Germans could then choose locations for asset delivery and combine forces to assault the center on day 2 or 3.

There was some chat about players sitting back and pounding with air as the Germans…. I now see why. The Brits need softening up and air is your only recourse until the Arty and IG’s arrive.

You can attack in broad day light as the Germans and be mauled or conduct sorties for a full day and hopefully sneak into position as daylight wanes.

The historical defense leaves Portolago way too open. Here the Germans fought hard and won a fair fight. They had nearly 2 battalions assigned to overwhelm the UK troops. Captured at long last:

Playing by Poll.

This needs refinement and more consistency from me. I think the turn cycles got too far apart and we lost quiet a few voters once the turns started to go beyond one a week…. my bad. Also as we are assigning Op sheets that can run for quiet a while I need to be more proactive with updates and play reports.

The Pandeli Bay invasion was a mess. Heavy losses, little gain and the Germans elected to fail off the Op Sheet and regroup. This is one area where we went in too hard too early.

Qanranta held well for most of the first day. Successive bombing and assaults forced the UK to accept losses and retreat and re group in ghood strength to avoid being isolated.

I did have positive feedback that the play style and approach was one of kind and also first of its kind. Thats cool. Glad you guys like it. I will be doing another Play by Pollster game with a Gamers title. This time Napoleonics.

A little more refined, a little simpler and hopefully more interactive. I’d encourage those that want to participate to either subscribe here or check in on Facebook on the Gamers Community page for polls and updates.

Kust CO ran thru the Italians like a hot knife thru butter!