Patrol! Turn 7 PbP update

The choices…the choices…

With 2 soldiers incapacitated, it might be wise to offer an opportunity for the TEAM BUND players to re cast their choices heading into Turn 8.

INCAP units are stationary, cannot fire or move. They can be carried to safe exit however (@5mp a turn).
The Overwatch Team have lost a strong firing unit (their MG) in these INCAP results.

This has caused the accumulation of 4 Preservation points. Once you hit 20 your teams run for the hills in essence.

So here are some choices:

Patrol! Turn 7 moves!

ok… We got contact.
Now the Soviet Forces have plotted their move, so we now need to sort out what the Team BUND will do!

We have two fireteams all are prone. When you are prone you can still see 20 hexes…so I think we must be dealing with 10 m hexes or there abouts.

Now some decisions.

Should the BUND FT’s jump and run to cover?
Should the send one team to cover while the others look for :a] Targets to shoot at (i.e. the dude you spotted) (DF in game terms) and b] others that might come into range? (OF in game terms).

Moving from prone to erect is 1/2 your MPs for a turn (FYI).

Other choices, all units in LOS crawl to cover, other units stay prone and move to firing positions and or cover?

What are the other choices for TEAM BUND?

The brown line if you recall is a slope. Light green ad dark green are blocking terrain.

Poll closes Tuesday nite.


Patrol! Turns 1-5


Yes folks. Man on Man combat kicks off in a new Play by Poll Series.

Get caught up on the background HERE, those watching know Bundeswehr have 2 Fireteams of men, which we will break down as needed, facing an unknown enemy, but likely 9-12 Soviet forces. Our Mission is to Patrol the 6 maps, at half movement rate until contact. Then exit only after one side controls the map or has eliminated the bad guys.

Random entry had Soviets entering Turn 1 Bundeswehr Turn 4. Two turns have passed with no visual contact. We just ended Team Bund. 2nd movement.

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