NDC 4.3

US Turn 4

8th Infantry Division (Mech) Turn 4 US chops 1/13 Mech from 2nd BDE to 8th TacHQ, and 2/28M from 1st BDE to 3rd BDE in order to allow it to operate in 3rd BDE Zone south of the hardball road boundary.Many fortuitous mode change rolls for US finally. Of note the northern and southern elements of 3rd BDE went into Hasty Defense (HD).

In Defensive Counter Battery Fire Phase, I see that 91st MRR HQ was left behind in the rapid advance during the soviet turn, leaving 91st MRR out of support range.

For US, I found that a lot more planning had to be done in order to synchronize the shifting of units and boundaries.

NDC US Turn 4 Vacated 1st BDE front 750

NDC 4.2

Here is an image of the end the Soviet Turn 4 Movement and Combat Phase.The US 8th Mechanized Division CG studies his map…2nd BDE is holding in the north and 1st BDE is doing the same in ther center. The previously quiet south sector is now the one most troubling. 3rd BDE CO is reporting strong enemy forces from the 27th Guards are aggressively moving on both of his flanks.

Div CG may need to begin shifting some forces southward in Turn 4 US Turn.

Soviet Turn 4 Overview 750


Soviet Turn 4

Turn 4 is a morning turn. It is Summer. The Weather rolls determine that there is no fog, but that it is still raining. As such, all off road movement cost are doubled and there is a +2 Combat Modifier.In the south, 92nd MRR finishes off 4th Troop 3/8 CAV in the now shattered town of Schotten. With this result, the other regiments of the 27th Guards Motor Rifle Division race through, lead by 27th Recon which encounters a mech battalion and 94th Tank Regiment closes up behind the reconnaissance unit.The fresh 91st MRR swings Southeast and encounters another US battalion, and is able to get around the US right flank.

Soviet Turn 4 93rd MRR eliminates 4th CAV 750

Soviet Turn 4 Lead Elements of 27th GMRD encounter US 3rd BDE 750

NDC 4.1

All is quiet this morning on the central front. 25th Tank Regiment rests and licks its wounds following the devastating night attack by US 1st BDE.

Soviet Turn 4 25th TR rests after the overnight battle 750

In the north, 26th and 27th Tank Regiments probe the US 2nd BDE line looking for any gaps. 3rd Tank Battalion attempting to get around the flank of an American unit is forced to abort its attack, retreating one hex and losing two T/O steps.

Soviet Turn 4 26thTR and 27th TR battle with US 2nd BDE 750

NDC 3.4

In the norther sector, elements of 2nd BDE are met with the bulk of two tank regiments , 26th and 27th TR. 2nd BDE is able to change one unit mode to Deliberate Assault and with that unit 1/68A absorbs one step loss while inflicting two on the Soviet 1/27T. In a supporting attack 1/87M inflicts two step losses on 2/26T which has been caught in DA mode and suffers the effects of being attack in that mode.All attacking units of voth 1st and 2nd BDE incur 1x Fatigue Point each for their efforts. 3rd BDE stood pat at the exit from the Volgelberg.

US T3 2nd BDE ATK -750