James Finley does a outstanding job reviewing Maria.

Well worth a look:

You can see more of James work on BGG :

Commands and Colors: Napoleonics

Check out the new blog by Luke Morris. Articulate writing style (just as well he taught Engrish in Japan ) , some nice images and a comprehensive scoring system and icons at the top of the review to drive your attention.

Commands and Colors: Napoleonics.

P.S. I meant to spell English incorrectly.



The above blog has 17-19 great image laden Battle Report on the Napoleonic Era. All minis. Some great stuff here. Check the blog out.

1813 Battle

Cameron, David and myself had a big Naps game in my loft yesterday. We decided on a battle from 1813 with Russians and Austrians against French. I will add another table eventually as the space on our battlefield was pretty limited.
Cameron studying the battlefield. Cameron supplied some great snacks!
I had a couple of beers while posting so the pics are in no particular order. Basically I pressured and pinned David on the left while waiting for my 2nd brigade to arrive. David sent his light horse straight through the centre in an attempt to split our armies in 2 (forgot to take pics!).
This was another learning curve for us with the latest GdB rules. We started around 12 noon and finished around 9pm with an adobo break (Filipino food) and a couple of other short stops. We definitely were getting the hang of the rules as time went on. I ordered a 2nd rule book last night so fingers crossed we can dump the 2nd editions for good! 

0800 Report – Austerlitz

Refreshing your memories regarding the 0800 Turn for Austerlitz:

Allies know that the 4th 5th and Cav Corp are committed to the center.

III Corp comes on this turn (0800).

So far the voting tallies are:

68% in favor of staying with current overall attack plan versus a change to a defensive mode.

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