"Rescue Monk" AAR narrative

Alpha squad and a handful of GI’s hustled into the briefing room at 11PM

“Gents I will be brief. The insurgents have Monk in a house here” he said pointing to a map of the surrounding township. I need you men to insert yourselves and get his ass out before they cut his throat live on the internet. “ Said the camp commander.

“Now if I were a thinking man I’d use another adjective…But the best I can think of is these f#$%^ers need to die before Monk does. “ His face was lined with concern, knowing the chances of rescuing Monk were slim. “ What questions do we have? He said. “Work up your plan of approach and review with me”

The briefing finished 15 minutes later.

At 4AM Alpha had geared up. The wind was whipping hard outside the Camp Kilo. There would be no chopper insertion. This meant taking to the streets. The approach took them down some narrow streets in the pre dawn light. Then onto 1st Street and down more alley as they closed in on their objective.

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Hot LZ "The Dust" part 3/3

As the smoke thickened we moved rapidly. A shout went up from all around. Hmm maybe smoke was a bad idea. Bullets came thick and fast thru the smoke to our left up 3rd Avenue. Dipshits were shooting blind….again.

As I turned to head to our destination three Tangos skidded to a halt at the intersection. They had us dead to rights. Tony, the GI name Genty and Bentz hit the dirt firing suppressing fire, while Bentz calmly took aim with his rifle. Tony took heavy fire and dropped his weapon holding his face.

I could see the guys from the relief team just 50 yards away. One had snuck up along the doorways and alcoves. He threw a ‘nade behind the two insurgents. It plunked down near them. This was gunna be ugly I thought. “Nade” I yelled. We covered up.

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