Battle of Buariki: Trading Fire

Our third installment will find both sides trading fire as they begin to spot one another. This is a common trend in Lock ‘n Load games, and is one that you must take into consideration. As soon as you fire on the enemy, you’re now spotted and open to take return fire yourself. Last time we covered how-to conduct DFT combat, so we will not cover that in such extensive detail but rather try to cover some more ground. And this introduction would not be complete without…

Note: All components seen are playtest material, and have been poorly constructed and put together by yours truly, so they do not represent what the final game will look like.

Trading Fire

A barrage of bullets opens up as the Japanese try to inflict greater damages on the loan Marine squad that rushed into the open, however as their attack is uncoordinated they have no effect. Both sides continue to open up with ill effect; each side firing upon the other one after another. The cover of heavy jungle negates the majority of each sides attempts to bring about any meaningful results.

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