The Battle of Castulo 211B.C. 2nd Punic War

The Situation leading up to Castulo 211 B.C. from c3i Magazine.

[i]Publius and Gnaeus Scipio knew that Hasdrubal Barca was encamped north of New Carthage near Amtorgis with about 15,000 men. Mago and Hasdrubal Gisgo, with about 10,000 troops each, were some distance away in the Baetis River valley. The Scipios decided to split their forces and defeat both Carthaginian bodies simultaneously. Publius would take 20,000 men (twothirds of the original army) against Mago Barca and Hasdrubal Gisgo.

Gnaeus would confront Hasdrubal Barca with a double legion (10,000 men) and the 20,000 Celt-Iberians. It was a bold plan, even rash. Their motivation appears to have been based on three factors:

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