0540…TCS Bloody Ridge

Really looking for some advice here. Should we reset or carry on into the blood shed.
I chickened out here. It was brutal. Awesome but brutal

Background of Bloody Ridge @ Guadalcanal

Guadalcanal Campaign

7 Aug 1942 – 9 Feb 1943

Contributor: C. Peter Chen

Landing at Guadalcanal:

7 Aug 1942

“Even before one drop of blood had been spilled on its fecund soil or a single corpse buried in it,” Dan van der Vat said, “Guadalcanal stank”. Even Morison, the US Navy’s own historian, used the self-coined word “faecaloid” to describe the humid jungle island. When asked about the conditions on the island, United States Marine Corps veteran and author William Manchester said “[m]ove a thousand yards inland. Just be sure you take a compass and leave a Hansel-and-Gretel trail behind you. If you don’t you will die.” Such was the awful conditions that Japanese and American men fought in.

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