Ran – the battle of SURIAGEHARA

On June 5, 1589, clans Date and Ashino faced off against each other in a bloody battle:

The Date advance and engage the Ashino.

After several rounds, Ashino have one complete contingent fleeing the site.

So far, Ashino are losing this battle.

Battle for Odani Castle details

Nagamasa and his men marched thru the morning fog to surprise the Cocky Oda clan. Despite the odds, the men had faith in their Daiymo. Surely he would lead them to victory!

Nagamasa was not so sure. After a ritual cleansing the night before he had not slept well. Fear gripped his heart. Certainly not fear of death. No. Fear of failure. The dishonour he would visit upon his ancestors was proving to be a weight he perhaps could not near.

Thru the mist down the hill he saw his Ashigauru’s Nobori-bata blue and gold mon hanging limply in the wet air.

His soul said to not waste his men in this fruitless task. Perhaps the Portuguese Monks were finally wearing him down with their talk of one true God.. “Bah” he said out loud. Retainers turned to him for instruction. He laughed and waved them away. He relaxed, finally.

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