OCS play example

The hard core OCS fan will like this and likely have read it before. This is kindly reposted from BGG.

If you don’t understand how to use the reaction phase after this then OCS ain’t for you !;).

The following is a fairly detailed example of a Reaction Phase that includes Overruns, a Fighter Sweep, a couple of Hip Shoots, and some combat and fuel supply concerns. While plausible, the following situation is entirely contrived in order to allow me to cover areas of interest. Whether the following represents the best course of action during play is debatable, but every effort has been made to ensure that what is presented here is in accordance to the latest version of the OCS System rules (v4.0). Game specific rules, except where noted, are ignored.

The Russians have just finished the Supply Phase of their Player Turn and are in control of the village of Krasnoarmeysk which sits along the rail line that the Germans are using to supply their advance. The Germans would like to clear the village to open up the rail line as soon as possible and decide to press the issue during the Reaction Phase.

The Russian Pe.2 is stacked underneath the airbase marker to signify that it is Inactive.

The German plan of attack is to isolate Krasnoarmeysk in order to both cut off combat supply and limit any retreat options of the 24th Guards Division. Once that is accomplished air power will be called in to hinder the defenders before an Overrun is attempted to capture the village.First the Germans need to decide how they’re going to isolate the village. Since this is the Reaction Phase only ground units that are in Reserve Mode and Active aircraft are available to participate during the phase. They decide to release the 13th Recon Battalion who will then attempt to Overrun the 15th Infantry Regiment and block all supply from reaching Krasnoarmeysk.

Storming the Reich [Review]

Andrew Carlstrom Shares his thoughts on Storming the Reich! I like Andrews writing style and detailed assessments after several plays. This helps the reader feel that the opinion is well informed.

A Review of Storming the Reich


Compass Games has done a tremendous job producing Storming the Reich (hereafter StR). From the excellent box artwork, to a stunning map, and extremely attractive and functional counters and play aids, this game is at least as well produced as any wargame I own. The counters are clear and easy to read, even for aging 40-something eyes. The play aids, in particular, as outstanding. The game comes with eight full glossy color play aids on heavy cardstock – four for each player. Two of the aids (one for each player) include the CRT and Terrain effects on one side, and an extraordinarily helpful flowchart of the sequence of play on the other.

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Savage Streets


The Savage Streets a solo MMP Operations Magazine area movement game.

I played this a while back.


The link takes you to a play thru with comments on Facebook with over 41 pictures.

Hidden units values, the Axis does not know what he is going to be fighting and additional ‘resources’ are brought to bear as chit flips too.

Something about area movement and solo leaves me cold. This game works. It just does not grab me nor make me feel like I’m playing anything special nor anything that says EAST FRONT, CITY FIGHTING!!

German drive for the Volga to block reinforcement and reserves.

German reinforcements arrive.

I think the components are top notch. Great map. Nice mechanics of play. Some special rules to aid the Russian player. Simple enough.

Its solo playable game which is nice. But I was not “captured” by the game. However to be fair I had one play. I think one or two more are required to really “get it” . It is not a bad game. Just not “awesome or special”

As an area movement magazine based game goes its pretty good, I had higher hopes.

SPII Redux Turn 1



Clear Weather.

Air Axis 7 /Soviet 6

Turn one turned out to be a much more ‘traditional turn’ , in that we did not miss any major rules nor did we forget to use Determined Attacks! From Lake  Sarpa in the South, thhru Bektekova, Vertyochii, Kletskaia  and points North the Soviet forces conducted ten attcks  eliminating 15 steps. And losing 2.

The Axis armies had a hard time as breakthrough sized holes appeared in the North and were exploited by Reserve movement conducted by 1 guard the 21st Army and  the 57th Army.

At start historical:

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Operation Winter Storm [OCS] p4

by John Pankonien

German Turn 2 Thoughts

note: just for some insight I am soloing this but I try to be as good as possible about remembering what I should and shouldn’t know about the opposing team. 

From my first look at it I’m already picking up more mistakes. In moving out the 17th and 23rd I could have killed trace supply for the Russian forces still guarding my right side. More oh wells. If the Germans lose it’ll probably be more because of my inabilities as a strategist than anything else. Moving on though, I’m unsure of what to do next. The major issue that keeps inhibiting me is that I don’t want to move my forces in a position to be countered attacked. For this turn I’m going to move my forces up echelon left. 6th Panzer will clear the river of the 85th Russian Tank brigade and hopefully gain an exploitation point allowing them to fall back to the German side of the Askai. Meanwhile the 17th will attempt a similar maneuver against the forces on the center of the Askai. Finally the 23rd will knock out the Russian 13th brigade, but hang back to watch the Right side. Meanwhile the Rumanians will move up to begin forming the front line on the water front. The idea is to use it to screen our advance and simply move up river to river towards Stalingrad.
Let’s roll.

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