Multiplayer Wargames

I’m part of a local gaming group that has four, maybe five, members whom I would consider to be primarily wargamers and three or four others that are “wargame friendly”. In the past we’ve been able to get together to play things like EuroFront, Sword of Rome, The Napoleonic Wars, and a few other multiplayer games over a weekend or a few weeknights. Unfortunately these gatherings have been few and far between and organized in such a way that, for a lot of us, the very first experience playing the game was the big event itself.

In order to resolve the “few and far between” aspect of the problem we’ve decided that we’re going to get together every other month for a wargaming weekend. The host, specific weekend and play times, and the game to be played are all figured out well in advance so that everyone has a chance to prepare. We also try to have one or two learning sessions where we’ll play a small scenario from the game so that everyone is going in with at least some experience with it.

That’s the plan anyway…

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Overview of the Der Weltkrieg Simulation Series

As mentioned a few weeks ago, one of my favorite game series is the Der Weltkrieg Simulation Series by Schroeder Publishing & Wargames. The Der Weltkrieg Simulation Series (hereafter referred to as DWK) consists of four individual games covering operational level campaigns on the different fronts of World War One. These individual games contain rules that allow them to be combined with each other in various ways so that they can be played together. For those who want the ultimate WWI experience SPW offers The Grand Campaign, which not only ties the entire series together, but offers rules for the strategic, economic, and productions aspects of the war.

The Complete Der Weltkrieg Simulation Series

What follows is a quick overview of the standard DWK system. I won’t be covering any of the special aspects found in either The Grand Campaign or any of the game specific rules. As stated in a previous post I think the DWK rules are some of the finest wargame rules out there. They’re very concise and to the point and despite the large number of sections listed in the table of contents they’re very reasonable in size. The Sterling Edition of the Standard Rules can be found in the rules section of the SPW website.

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Series Games

I’m a big fan of series games. The idea of learning a single set of base rules that will allow me to play multiple games on topics that I enjoy really appeals to me. This is especially true of games with substantial or detailed rulebooks. If I’m going to invest a lot of time and energy learning a big set of rules I’d like to be able to play more than just one game with them. I doubt very much that I’d bother trying to learn the La Bataille Règlement de l’An XXX rules if I knew I’d only be able to play Quatre Bras.

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