S&T #25 Centurion

Editors note, as a lover of Ancients I have added a few additional facts from S&T 25.

Dan and I had so little hope for this game that I didn’t even bother to do a Fat Greek. Mea Culpa.

Here’s the story: The time frame for this game was December/January. December is traditionally a horrible month for gaming due to the holiday commitments. In January, we were in Kaua’i for a week over two weekends. We also had a number of other gaming commitments.

But that’s all back seat. The fact is neither of us are all that interested in the Roman Empire, neither of us were that impressed with Renaissance of Infantry, and Centurion looked like RoI, but dumber. That said, we recognized our obligation to our adoring fans (“Hi, mom,) so we at least went through the trouble of cutting out counters, reading the rules, and desultorily playing a scenario.

Original Map

We chose the first scenario, the Romans vs. the Numidians, because it seemed to have a decent mix of unit types. We didn’t even bother to make a new map–I recycled the RoI map I’d made for the Battle of Legnano.

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