Austerlitz 0800 HR Poll

After a bruising turn the Allies are in potential danger.

Opening up the turn for the Allies lets review quickly where we are. The Battle of Austerlitz was predicated upon a ridiculously complex  set of orders for the Russo-Austrian alliance, further hampered by ego.

YOU as General have no such issues but your Generals capabilities to react to change are stretched. Plus under the Napoleon Battles System from The Gamers you have some special rules for Buxhowden etc.

Think of all of them as limits to flexibility, so simple is best.

Now, The French appear to be massed in the center of the field, upwards of 3 Corps. The Russian Imperial Guard, cannot take them alone, I dont think, happy for me to be proven wrong.

Most of Kollowraths forces are likely to be eliminated or routed within an hour. Without sharing the planof the French, it is likely that they will pursue the routed units off board if possible. Thier Left is an unknown at the moment , a series of  hidden marker counters.

Your reinforcements come next turn (Right Wing Units).  Buxhowden and his forces are clearing Telnitz area well. But have too many forces likely.

However the French III Corp ( I need to check that) are arriving this turn to support that side of the battle field.

So some choices are here for you armchair generals.

Can Buxhowden drop a formation off (i.e. the units moving to attack the Pheasant Garden) area to support Kollowrath?

Or if they drop should they screen the Cavalry preparing to thunder down Pratzen Hill?

Should the Imperial Guard now activate and at least move into position to fight? Last Poll all of you said no….

Kollowrath is surrounded, he dropped orders, can he attack out? What do you want to try and do? Comments please.

Over with the drunk Buxhowden….what is the plan?

Voting closes Saturday AM. Please vote asap, I really want to keep the Play by Poll series moving.

Next up C.V.


Austerlitz PbP


Kollowrath realized the trouble he was in as he marched resolutely down the road. They could “feel” the cavalry pounding up the hills around Pratzen. Worse yet in the distance the steady tempo of the French drummers echoed and bounced off Pratzen village and the surrounding slopes.

He drew up reins to one side of the road. He had made a decision.

Calling his officers together he addressed the officers of the  2nd and 3rd Brigades. He told them to at the double-time move the musketeers in Pratzen proper and take up defensive positions at the bridge crossing into the far side of town. Jureschek’s men he ordered into town, with his 7 Battalions from all over the place he ordered them to occupy buildings facing the outskirts in a 360 degree facing.

He nudged his horse forward. The Arty he placed in a defensive arc also.

Suddenly from the swirling fog he now saw the enemy who were shaking the ground, like a God who pound his fist upon the earth!

Crash! A shell careened overhead as he rode into the village. On the rise above him outside of Pratzen the worst of his fears were realized. Through a brief break in the swirling fog he saw thousands of cavalry awaiting his planned exit from Pratzen, and even more traversing the hill heading towards the Pratzen heights.

He was entirely surrounded. The Tri-colors flew everywhere! Vandamme, Legrand and Beaumont had him boxed in.

So quickly, he thought how had this happened? He could see at least 22 Regimental colors. Then whoosh, it was gone. but the vision in his mind and the sound of a steady drum beat remained. Unknown to him, Suchet and Cafarelli were bringing an additional 10 Regiments to the fight right behind him.

The French attacked from all directions at once. St Hilaire had the honor of the  first attack across the bridge with the 14th Line and 10th Light Regiment lead by Morand. The 10th took the brunt of the cannonade and accurate musketeer fire from Maloslavitz’s Smolensk Musketeers. They retreat in disarray. But this was not the main fight.

Meanwhile Kollowraths forces were not faring so well on the other side of town. Cafarelli had forced a rout, and wating Cavalry ponced as Kollowraths men fled south of town!

The 2nd Brigade and all the Artillery were forced out of town with heavy losses, and retreated head longingly down the stream bed out of town. Kollowrath narrowly escapes with his head intact! Several Brigades were now alone in the mists.

All was not lost however:

Near Solkonitz the French hang on grimly. Awaiting their own last stand.

Riders were sent to the Leadership teams of the Austro-Russian forces. Horror was the response. It looked very much like the entire 2nd Division would shortly be eviscerated. Lack luster leadership, with an eye on a quick win had costs hundreds of lives in the span of just 30 minutes.

What would the leaders do next?

Activate the Reserve Imperial Russian Guard?

The army would soon be cut in half.

Could Buxhowden save the day? Can he sweep center?

What to do?

You are the general.

The polls for voting will be up soon. Join in and help the hapless leaders decisions back from the brink of disaster.

Austerlitz Turn 1 [Allies]

0600: FOG visibility 200m (1 hex)

Buxhowden relayed the new orders quickly. The men in his General Staff looked around with a mixture of relief and uncertainty.

With a Czar, a Prince and a Kaiser all trying to be in control it had been a bizarre few days. Recently the French had vacated Pratzen Heights. A sure sign that they were in disarray, if not in effect already beaten. A poorly translated and somewhat garbled commentary from a young aide de camp of Tzar Alexander confirmed the same upon his return from the French HQ.

Napoleon had refused to meet!

The good news was that the complex and frankly stupid plan issued late yesterday had just been rescinded at 0500 hours. New orders had been issued for the Left Wing!

target Left Wing

Keinmeyer for one was relieved but still troubled. He and Doctorov would lead the attack on Telnitz from Aujest Markets., now with the of Field Marshal Prince Liechtensteins Cavalry Brigades added to the force mix.  However as he looked out of the encampment the thick dark fog embodied a foreboding he could not shake. Were the forces allocated to taking Solkonitz and the Pheasant Gardens enough? Langeron was a reliable so too Prsybyczewsky.  Their focus however left the center solely to Field Marshal Count Kollowrath to capture and hold.

As he shared the new plan with his officers, Oberst’s came and went, the Chaplain prayed for victory. The Hauptleute reviewed ammunition distribution and received reports from sub ordinate Unterlieutenants of the fusiliers readiness. All was ready.

Count Kollowrath’s began his march from near Kresnowitz and the camp of the Tsar, Musketeers in the lead, the drum beat barely audible in the muting fog. They were followed by the Generals Rottermund and Jurschek who commanded a mixed force of Battalions from various and sundry Regiments 14 battalions in all, colors hung limply in the heavy air, red epaulettes on green jackets heavy with dew, the officers marching alongside the columns in campaign dress were easily distinguished from the line soldiers in white trousers, they in their grey.

Infantry men and grenadier alike sported various pompon colors all were muted in the dull light. except the III battalion of the 58th Regiment  as theirs were bright yellow surrounded by red. Keinmeyer wished the Russian Guard and all its Artillery had been brought to bear on Pratzen Heights as well.  More guns are always better he thought.

First Moves

Bagration had still not reported in. Yet his Advanced Guard which comprised the entire Right Wing of the attack promised they would arrive no later than 8am, his messengers had assured ever one. They would attack the Stanton Redoubt, as previously agreed and drive the French headlong with 5 Brigades of solid troops.  Who at this point marched wild eyed thru this thick fog which had reduced not only visible range of all parties but muted the sound of the march. Eerie was the word on the fusiliers and grenadiers lips, as battalions not 50m ahead disappeared in swirls of fog. Bagration however thought that surely this would allow for even greater surprise when they fell upon the unsuspecting demoralized French. His officers were not of the same mind.

What are the French thinking? What will they do?

The French Forces:

The French move out also. Their plans relatively unchanged. Seeing the mass of hidden counters the French begin to execute their orders, or so it seems at least!

The French make some rapid movements! are they dummies or Cavalry?

On this edge of the map counters stream towards Bagrations entry point!

Final Poll for adjustment of Allied forces: Austerlitz

The Polls are close to being closed:

So, from the past weeks votes we have basically agreed to the historical French Orders.

We have however rejected out of hand the less ideal orders for the Allies.
1st and 2nd column should advance and capture Telnitz and Sokolnitz. by a 70/30 margin.

With the 3rd column advancing upon the Pheasant Garden.

However the attack upon the Stanton Redoubt by the Right Wing is a close call – 55/46 Y/N.

The Allied Cav move across Pratzen was rejected 20/80.

50% believe that the Russian Guard should stay in Reserve. But only 60/40 believe the Allies should attack Kolbelnitz.

Thus I think we will offer a Poll for The Cavalry. Stanton Redoubt needs a few more votes. If it moves decisively we can adjust.

The Poll will include the option for Allied Cav to support:

The Attack on Telnitz or Sokolnitz.