Operation Shingle Play 2 & 3

This was a lot of fun people.

After my third play Pete and I agreed that it will for sure hit the table again.

Excellent game play, crisp rules, good graphics, nice map and compelling narrative.

Operation Shingle – Paper Wars Magazine

Lots of glare on this shot. Just like there is a lot shine on the game play.

I had started to play Operation Shingle the Anzio Landings from Paper Wars a few months back but was distracted and did not focus on the rules. Some elements of the game were not clear to me. Recently a great FAQ was provided. A friend and I started play yesterday, he had a play under his belt so it went smoothly.

It have been a while since a game caught my attention. Christmas perhaps? Blocks in the East was the last title I think I really enjoyed that was a new system.  This game has such interesting mechanics and systems in it that I hope to write a full review in future to explore what I think I just experienced.

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Anzio : Operation Shingle

An introduction for Anzio: Operation Shingle. Set in 1944, this landing was to break the deadlock of Cassino. This game has intrigued me for a while. In particular the combat resolution system. Does not look solo friendly, but looks like a well thought out approach to the operation and the unique historical elements surrounding this piece of history dealing with the Anzio landing..

Regiment brigade level with 60 odd counters for combat and a 100 information counters.

Game ships about the 21st of December.

S&T #21 Anzio Beachhead #3

Game #3 was the first real game–the one that went down to the wire. I played the Allies again, learning from my first game’s mistakes and from Dan’s set-up.

I felt like the Allies had a pretty optimum set-up. I didn’t attack the German garrison at Padiglione until my second phase, but I did have to kill it so it couldn’t be used to negate a river advantage.

Dan tried a couple of risky moves on 1D, neither of which are readily apparent from this map. On the left front, he tried a massive 1-1 attack to turn my flank. It was risky because he had a 1 in 6 chance of dying outright. Instead, I bounced his troops off the map, which meant they got to come back on *any* map edge two turns later–a way around the pesky 50/50 reinforcements split rule that I had suggested the game before. As it turned out, those troops may have been more useful putting pressure on the Allies for turns 1 and 2, but we’ll never know.

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S&T#21 Anzio Beachhead #2

For this game, Dan and I switched sides. This left me completely flummoxed as I had a pretty good idea what Allied strategy I wanted to try, but I had no idea what to do as the Germans. I also tend to be stronger on defense than offense, and my Yiddish blood always balks at playing the Nazis. The result was… an ignominous defeat.

Things started off well enough. As you can see, the British had not set up their lines very carefully, and the Germans did a good job of putting pressure on all fronts. Of course, the Germans have to put pressure on all fronts because of the optional rule which precludes a German player from entering more than half of his reinforcements south of the Via Anziate,

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