DAK2 AAR 1-1-’41

January 1st

A New Year in game time is as good a time for confessions as any. We did mess up the Sidi Barrani/Mussolini restrictions slightly and Malta rolls. Plus the Poles released too early. Good news is that we were able to ‘retroactively fix that, and add the Flieger Corp to the mix, which negates most of the Malta impact, for the moment.

The Italians assess their options and elect to use some careful arty and attempt a limited counter offensive to keep the Allies on their back foot.

Elements of the Ariete Division arrive. The Italian airforce focus on the Polish Brigade and 6Aus  along the Bir el Chregait track.

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DAK2_AAR 1-11-1940-1-1-1941

November 1st the Suez canal is mined. Two infantry brigades are withdrawn one turn after the other via Random Withdrawals.

Simulcast through to December 1st.

Aussies training chit is released.

In December the Axis shipping declines and they need to factor Reinforcements to Tripoli in their capacity calculations.. The Indian forces release shortly, and they and the Aussies prepare to launch their assault.   1st Hussars also attach to the 6th Australian Division.

December 5th.

Clear, As the Aussies release (note AR is -1 until training is complete [I forget this the first combat] and barrel down the primary roads to Gasr Al Abid. Meanwhile 4th Indian and 7th Armoured capture Sidi Barrani without a fight and move further along the coastal highway which is now complete to Sidi Azeiz, they prepare to assault the forces South of Bardia.

December 8th

7th A and 4th Ind. Move forward to engage the dug in Italians. The Italian Reaction phase is swift and brutal.

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DAK2 AAR 15-10-40 – 1-11-40

Dak 2 Game Play.

DAKII_AAR_10-15-40 – 10-19-40

The Allies require the NZ, Indian and 6th Australian Division for their offensive. They plan (erroneously) to conduct that attack on the 5th of December 1940. This date is chosen as each side is wary of the force build up and SP accumulation being carried out. What the Allies failed to do here is correctly read the reinforcement chart, which will have dire consequences as we shall soon see.

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