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Ladies and gents.

One of the things that has excited me about the world of gaming in last 3 years I have been re engaged has been the rapid level of innovation occurring.

Allied Overlord

The industry as a whole (keep in mind I do not have a deep Reisswitzian like connection back to the earliest days of wargaming) has evolved especially over the last 3 years in how we experience our games.

How we play (via Vassal, on Skype, dual webcam or even play by poll here and the Watch it Played channel on You Tube), how we share our experiences, Video blogging, detailed pictorial After Action Reports, sites dedicated to just images and art of wargaming. How we fund games via kickstarter, and gigs like the Guffless system from Lock’n Load Publishing, have propelled us forward. So many aspects of our gaming have advanced or matured beyond the somewhat staid past approaches.

We, I firmly believe, are having richer experiences every time we play.

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Operation Overlord



Blocks in the West.

I spent some time with owners of Vento Nuovo Games today.

They shared some pre production test play images. I edited the images to try and tell a bit of a story. Here is a snap of Operation Overlord about to begin! More coming.

The biggest Sea Borne invasion of all time. You can see the larger Mulberry counter to the left!

I hope to have some more exciting news just for readers of The Big Board here and on Facebook as it pertains to the Pre Order of BitW.



Hudsons Hideout has a fun interview with Mark McLaughlin, take a minute to check it out. Makes me feel like you got to be GOOD AND LUCKY to have a game go to print besides just patient.

I would have asked how to pronounce his name…;)

If you do not know Mark has a long background in design games include well know titles such as :

Napoleonic Wars (not a personal favorite of mine but just one play probably did not give it all that much of a chance:

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