It Never Snows: Turn by turn pictorial

IOS2013 105

I recently began a solo campaign game of the MMP title It Never Snows, a SCS title covering Operation Market Garden. This game seems to have generated very little buzz since it’s release. Reading CSW and BGG there appears to be quite a bit of disgruntlement about some of the rules and the lack of chrome or detail. I must admit my first impressions were along those same lines. Highway to the Reich being my favorite MG game, I found the lack of detail concerning.

What I find very interesting is that HttR and INS are the same map scale, 600M to the hex and company level units. That, however, is where the similarities end. The maps, though identical in length, are quite different. I find the HttR map much more hindering to the armor of both sides than the INS map.

The INS combat results table is also much bloodier than HttR. Despite it’s potential issues, I am finding the game play fun and tense. Because of the lack of detail the game plays fast and more time is spent moving units and resolving combat than is spent calculating combat modifiers and digging in the rulebook.

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Nobunaga At Odani Castle


As the shouting died down, the Teppo’s smoke cleared eventually from the light breeze. Two forces had clashed. One crushing the other. The carnage was readily apparent. Other than a few weak men moaning for mothers or for mercy nothing could be heard across the battlefield.

A stunned silence. Generals were on their knees, heads bowed. Retainers physically shook.

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Panzergruppe Guderian – Or how I played my first game in Vassal

Well, this is my first blog post on wargaming. And funnily enough, it is not about a board game, but about its incarnation in Vassal. And, it is about my experience with playing a game whose rules I had not really read before (usually, before I start a wargame, I read the rules several times over and then get going). However, due to time-constraints (new car, new kitten soon arriving) and because I had a gracious invitation from Kev to play PGG with him on Vassal, I had to go onto the battlefield unprepared. So, I downloaded the latest version an the module and on Friday, we took it for a spin. This was my first time playing a wargame against another person and online. Since I neither know PGG nor Vassal well enough to do a proper review, this blog post will be just a brief one about my experience.

The experience was very exciting. First of all, PGG is easy to pick up (and I will do a video review at a later time), you can learn the basics (i.e. movement, combat) etc. as you go along. Deeper strategy and tactics will take time to learn and figure out, of course. The Vassal module was quite intuitive, and since Kev let me play the Germans, there was plenty to do (of course, I tried to attack as soon as possible, I’m reckless that way, I always want to try out how to do combat, it is a wargame, after all). I did annihilate some of his units, because they turned out to be “zeroes” (in PGG, the first time you attack, you do not know the strength of the Russian enemy, so it is quite tense, and every now and again, I drew the short end of the straw and got whacked).

We played, I believe, 2 turns in full, and it played really fast (considering I had never played before and I had to get used to the fact that I could not see the whole board and could not move around the pieces physically, which was quite a noticeable change).

All in all, I have been wondering if this “you cannot see it all” is not more “realistic”, since, in real life, while you might have a good map of the area where you are going to move in, actual troops etc. are not visible until you come upon them. You may have intelligence regarding the movement of enemy troops, but that intelligence might be incomplete, delayed or simply false. So, in a way, only being able to see a part of the map added to the tenseness (although I know I could have viewed the whole map if I had wanted to). PGG is also different to the other games I have played so far as it has dedicated turns associated with historic dates on which certain things happened, I have read elsewhere that some people do not like this because it feels scripted to them. Since I play wargames because of the historical experience, this was not a problem for me and I just took it as “this is how you play this game, so go with it.”

We finished after a good 2 hours, saved the game (I look forward to retrieving it) and will definitely pick up where we left off. And I will thoroughly read the rules before our next match.

World in… what have I got myself into?

World in Flames – Final Edition (Deluxe) Credit: GameCloset (BGG)

I managed to pick up World in Flames – Final Edition: Deluxe off eBay. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get it, and honestly didn’t expect to win the auction but lo and behold I did! Yet… I’m not sure what to think. Honestly, what have I gotten myself into?

Lots of punching and clipping!

Yes, you may be asking yourself, “Wait, I thought this guy was a wargaming rookie, just getting into the hobby? Is he really going to play this epic monster? Are those really clipped counters?”

Alas, it is true. I’ve become a clipper. I couldn’t reason with myself to get the $40 tool despite how nice it looks, it just cut too deep into my limited hobby budget so I found a great tutorial on BGG, which you can find Here – Thanks William for your insight!

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HitC, Line of Fire 13 part5

Once on board, and plugged into the battlenet Puddy took point and reminded Carlson the rear Tank commander to drive thru trouble not stop in it. A quick round of ribbing relieved the tension that had quietly been building up since yesterdays firefight.  Once again into the fray his small force was being sent to rescue some grunts from this fluid and dynamic urban war.  Puddy admonished his colleagues, “I don’t care what engage orders are it moves you paste it, I’ll be top side, keep an eye out for Soviet tanks, do not let them get in my rear”.

As they rolled towards Boones men, Puddy queried Boone on where he wanted them.  The situation sounded chaotic, he assured Boone he would neutralize the PKM site and anything else not wearing US dessert camo.