Multiplayer Wargames

I’m part of a local gaming group that has four, maybe five, members whom I would consider to be primarily wargamers and three or four others that are “wargame friendly”. In the past we’ve been able to get together to play things like EuroFront, Sword of Rome, The Napoleonic Wars, and a few other multiplayer games over a weekend or a few weeknights. Unfortunately these gatherings have been few and far between and organized in such a way that, for a lot of us, the very first experience playing the game was the big event itself.

In order to resolve the “few and far between” aspect of the problem we’ve decided that we’re going to get together every other month for a wargaming weekend. The host, specific weekend and play times, and the game to be played are all figured out well in advance so that everyone has a chance to prepare. We also try to have one or two learning sessions where we’ll play a small scenario from the game so that everyone is going in with at least some experience with it.

That’s the plan anyway…

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