What did You Work on This Weekend?

2013-09-15 15.19.45


3 thoughts on “What did You Work on This Weekend?

  1. GBII?

    I ended up combining my GBII/CB stuff all together. Also have all of the OCS markers from all the different games in one 3701 plano, got sick of having to dedicate a tray or two for markers for each game.

    • LOL!!!
      This is CB. I’m carefully going thru my CB counters and filtering out the dupes from GBII, i.e. GD, elements of 35Mot., 1,2nd Pzr.
      I can only hope that the transfers all make sense and I dont end up with 2 copies of Panzer Lehr of 9th Panzer roaming around.
      I have a small Plano with TBL info counters. But I think I will keep CB/GBII separate. I’m also wary of blending the two games…but I have not played combined together yet. So how I expect to sort that post game I have no idea!
      I’m also wondering just how many air to punch if I have all the new GBII air already done…We will wait to see!
      I think all the others I own are already punched and sorted.

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