Magnet Boards….Trust me they are overrated.

Magnet board game play with the current black clips is highly overrated!
2013-09-13 22.34.32
3 Reasons Why:
1. Many counters are either too thick or too thin
2. Constant use will see map staining
3. Same polarity magnets repel each other [this happens a lot]

2013-09-13 22.34.53

Depending upon the age of your game your counters may be too thin. Think SPI Patrol as pictured above, or better still too thick – C.V. The battle for Midway wont fit.

GMT’s early GBoH titles are also too thin. The lovely art work of TCS Leros will end up scratched and peeled and un readable in place as they fit…but it is VERY snug.

As I played RAF the Battle for Britain, I realized that black marks were developing all over my board, but especially over the battle box.

This is not often noticed, I think it would become a problem over time. I wonder if you can coat them with something?

Finally the deal breaker. You have your stack of 4 units or maybe even 8. Its all organized, just one last unit to add…..No Joy. the magnet repels from the unit on top. You switch ends of the stack, no luck. Flip other magnets over…No Joy.

5 minutes later you have a magnet that sits with your stack. Now what was I doing….Bah.


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