Panzer: Battle for Brody Scn 19 concl.

Turn 7-9.

The rough terrain is finally cleared of Soviet Tanks after several rounds of attrition based combat. The 76 mm cracks a IVE Tank. I find out that Hedgerows block visibility both directions…doah. This really changes the scenario. A LOT!

Turn 8 is spent moving, by both sides. At this point the kills are reducing the command effectiveness of the seasoned and green Soviet forces. The Green ATG company have just one command between 4 units. The 1st Tank Company is down from 5 and 2nd Company is beginning to have issues also.

Turn 9 Orders:

Turn 10

A IIIG and IIIF takes damage.

The Germans elect to close in pushing even the Panzer Grenadiers in their halftracks up. With the new insight on the hedgerow this would have been a different story.

As it ends up the Germans miss by one turn making an end sweep to exit the road in the South East corner of the map.

Things start to go right for the Germans with several Quick shots earned, that due to their Veteran status allows us to knock out one tank and damage the next. Plus tight shooting removes one of the hedgerow hiders:

Turn 11

Ugh… my edits failed to save.

The short version. The Germans chose to stop and fight instead of blasting a hole and running for it.

That with the error of not using smoke nor taking into consideration the hedgerow effect caused the Germans to miss their exit. However the losses were right on target for Scenario 20….ahem..well barring the damage and track hits.


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